#TeamTrainwreck 17: Just don't screw up like you always do!

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Bossman catch-up:

- Double pregnancy :love:
- Kovtun retirement :( (I loved his farewell-words); I really feel for him, I have developed a soft spot for him since his 'Iron Sky' FS
- love the music choices of Wang/Wang (as if that matters anyway, as we won't see this programs :drama:)
- Hocke/Blommaert, the boy must be in shock being the one got ditched
- Perkova/Shulepov :love: Both looked damn beautiful! And I missed all the Insta stories videos! :drama:
- Sondre choreographing for himself :scream:


Bossman quote catch-up:

Re Eurovision
OMG, it should be RIGHT up your alley!! :cheer: :encore: :inavoid: Give it a go!
Do it vice, here a reason for it: one of my all time fav's , so wrong, so good :p (watch it full length, it's worth it!)
And the best german entry ever.

The @pinky166 is unique!

Pairs deserve representation, honey.
I can warm up with W/W for the next season, problem is: they should show up somewhere at least to make it :p

I am so nominating Samarin for the kibosh list. :lol:
Awesome :rofl: All my Samarin talk got him in for @rfisher ! Brezina messed her brains up.

Anyways.. Insta stalking Boss faves special edition to reivindicate!..
Best birthday present :40beers:

Disappointingly, no reaction yet from Mari's instagram.
Seriously! I need praise for Hocke's decision on an IG live!

Erokhov scored 2,76 in the SP today at some small local event in Moscow today :yikes:
Gimme a video for POTS immediately!

Apparently, she is practicing triple axel :rofl:
I am damn ready for a 3a's ttw skateoff at Nebelhorn between Perkova, Schott, Stasia and who else wanna join the party :40beers:


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Can't think of a better thread to post this interview with Popova/Mozgov (mostly about social media, tattoos , costumes and money)

- So after you post a story in the rug, you also want to post something more rigid and provocative?
Betina: Of course (laughs).
Sergei: And you need to use other social networks if you want to post hot content (laughs).
Betina: If I had given myself more freedom, my account would have blown up the world, but I can't do it since I am an athlete.
Sergei: There is Twitter, they don’t block posts for shocking content.
about this Sergei's tattoo
Betina: And what do you think is it?
Burning hacksaw?
Sergei: It was supposed to be a matchstick, but Betina says that it's a spermatozoon with sharp razor
Betina: I wanted to get another tattoo on my leg, but I can't do this. We have lot's of problems with tattoos - we can't show them on the ice. I will wear a bright pink costume on the ice and people will see my tattoo, say that it's immoral.
Sergei: You can always get Tarasova's portrait on your hip
Do you have any funny stories about your costumes?
Sergei: Once I had an interesting experience this year - I was skating in a bandage. It was very interesting, but one time was enough.
Betina: It was funny when he had to skate in a thong for the whole season.
Sergei: And I would say that it was hard.
Betina: Once I was trying on a new dress right before one of the competitions. And bang - the part of the bra on my dress just fell off. I didn't know how to skate like this. I barely sewed everything just a minute before the start and told Sergey: “Oh, my dress falls off my chest.” And he said that everything is fine. If something goes wrong - we will at least have fun.
And etc :gallopin1
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Let the skating begin
I'm not the one with a tattoo of a sperm with a sharp razor. Betina just calls tham as she sees them.

Plus, who cares about reputation anyway? :p
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I was really scared for da bossman so I am happy now he is catching up with all the news. Double pregnancies is still the highlight of the off season.


Folks, finally boss is back on track (and will hopefully manage the dates):
So, saturday :gallopin1-award nominations will take place and voting will start :watch:

Kibosh is set for June 1st.
Pressman might already pee its his pants in anticipation.
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