#TeamTrainwreck 19: The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a Single Splat

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Like always, I appreciate your dedication to the cause. :lol:
She has been in a total of zero K&Cs all season. Are we sure she's even coaching anymore? There's never any skating content on her insta. :(
She is still listed as one of Tornaghi's coaches on ISU bio, which got updated for the season, so delusion lives on!
Leccardi seems to be gone for good now from her.


Let the skating begin
IMHO they either knew or suspected she might not get the invitation for the Olympics in 2022 and training isn't worth the money spent or they know they could end up 6th or so at Nationals which would not be good. Either way, her income from winning silver in Sochi isn't enough to pay the bills without winning comps and getting invitations for shows.

They'll either quietly disappear (scenario number one) or show up at Russian test skates in the fall and try again (scenario number two).

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Post-its for the win.
ut at the same time we also have someone like Anastasia Gubanova, who has just turned 17, is clearly going through puberty, was called “lazy and fat” (by Buyanova) but who still has nice musicality and skating skills and is still able to rotate her jumps.

Thank you for sharing this. :love: Definitely her best performance and jumping of the year.


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Well, how many in here are buying the Novoselov-injury-excuse? :shuffle:

What? You don't think Novoselov might have injured himself striking his leg?

After realizing that this too-good-to-be-true partnership that he left the French Fed for might well ensure he doesn't get invited to the next Olympics. Meanwhile, the top pairs spot in France is looking not so secure. And...really it hasn't been a good week for Novoselov when one analyzes it.

On the other hand, he's making an argument for the 🚂.
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