#TeamTrainwreck 18: Wrap your turban tight!

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Trust me, it is basic. When I was still teaching, all the 6th and 7th graders who are now her age were all CRAZY about unicorns and wrote about them in pretty much every damn creative assignment.

LOL I was in a math class with a bunch of ninth-graders last year (I was a year behind in math) and one of them was crazy obsessed with unicorns. My phase was fairies.


I'm travelling again this weekend (three competitions in six weeks;)) so how I'll manage any skate watching I have no idea! Damn SA in a totally wrong timezone. I don't want to miss my man's GP debut!!!! But I need my sleep to slay. I'm not crazy unicorn lady, but I brought my Totoro tissue box to practice yesterday for the first time and slayed my run through, so of course there's no excuses now. :gallopin1

alchemy void

Post-its for the win.
Clean Perkova 68pts :respec:
Nugu 62pts

I wished Perkova could have saved this skate for her first RC to make it to nationals.

Thanks for letting me know, I didn't realize she was skating this week. She'll make it to nationals, one way or another. :p
For those interested, rewind the stream to about -1:52:50 to see her skate

Unsurprisingly, I definitely approve of the program. Particularly the manic/perky footwork sequence at the end, even if it is only level 2. Huge height on the triples, too!
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