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Hello. I have a question regarding my scoring on the US Classic International that had just ended. My ladies predictions were: Myahara, Shiraiwa, Cui, You. As Shiraiwa did not compete, I thought my next two would move up a place, and that my score would be 19 in ladies, however, it seems to be only 13. Please clarify for me. Thanks very much. I'm not good at these predictions, but I do enjoy it.

You were right, nobody thought of removing her from the participants. oleada just made the change and updated the results. Thanks for letting us know!

Have fun and good luck for the season! :)
great. thanks again!
If somebody finds a streaming for the US Classic please let me know, or if someone can borrow me his/her suscription (just for the event) I could make some videos of this event :)
I will not fall in love with the skating of any young Russian men. I will not, because they will only break my heart when they become seniors.
You could always lobby for increasing the junior eligibility until the skaters are 30. Then they will remain juniors forever and will continue winning...