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  • Thanks for your thoughtful comments re: Todd in the 1990's Men's Skater thread. I hate seeing him, or anyone else bashed so mercilessly as has been done by certain posters in that thread (not mentioning names, but you can figure that out from the comments). One little correction re: 2001 Worlds - Todd won bronze. That medal should have been silver! What a magnificent program for him, and that whole competition for him was great, as he was very strong in all three phases of it. He took it all in stride too.
    Hi Luna's mom aka (Claire?). My name is Dan Burt. I met you last year at Joanne's FSUNIVERSE Olympic party. I was the balding red head from Philadelphia (I was there with my two friends from Michigan both females). I am in Vancouver for work until Saturday March 19. If you are available it would be nice to meet you for dinner. I wouldn't mind seeing Luna too since I am homesick for my German Shepherd (Angel) and Saint Bernard (Daisy). Talk to you later. Dan

    I haven't looked at the Skate Canada thread in a bit, so I didn't see your note. Sorry about that.

    We definitely have space for you to get back to Vancouver. Just make sure to grab me sometime during the weekend, so we can arrange it. FYI, my cell phone number is 604-817-7298. I'll have my phone with me during the competition.


    Good to know, Gayle. When the events get closer, I'll PM everyone. Enjoy the summer!
    Hi Japanfan,

    Are you going to be at the arena for senior pair competition? If yes, Lisa from chinese skating forum asked my to send you a message to see if you would like to have banners for S/Z displayed during the competitions. She can send you files to print and I have one that I can send to you. Thanks,

    Hongligl in Toronto, Canada
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