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    Thanks again for the ride. It was fun talking with all of you. I'm on the board now looking for Canadian Nationals tickets! Now that I've met some FSUers I'm going to start looking at the site more. What's Sandra's posting name? And, I'm really embarrassed but I can't remember the name of the other nice lady in our car. (I have a brain like a sieve!)
    Lois. I for sure have the space. We're planning on driving on Thursday morning to Portland, and coming back on Sunday after the last competition, but before the gala. Does that work for you?

    And how cool that you have some great swag! I can't say no to that!

    Let me know if this schedule works for you, and we can continue planning together. To reach me more easily, why don't you email me. I check my email many times a day. FSU, not so often. My email address is [email protected]


    hi. I'd love to ride with you if you still have room. I'm a friend of Vincent's. I actually usually do the group ticketing etc for our group "Cheapskates" but couldn't do it this year so Vincent arranged for us.
    I live in Puyallup WA but could find a park and ride near I-5 so you wouldn't have to go out of your way. I also will bring a little gift for everyone. I have backpack-tote bags from Nationals in Spokane 2007 that are great for taking to the rink because you can use them as a backpack and security won't stop you. I got a special deal on them after the event in 2007 and I have several left over! Please private message me. Thanks LoisV
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