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  • Lois, very glad to have you on our trip back home from SA. I really enjoyed your company and conversation. Any time at all, and I hope you can join us at Canadians. We'll make sure you have a great time!

    Gayle's online name is Japanfan. She posts fairly regularly. Sandra's name is SandraMGFan. She's pretty much a lurker (as am I) but she (and I) are working on posting more often.

    Let me know if you get tickets, good luck!

    Lois, I was sure I sent you a PM saying we could absolutely give you a ride, but I can't find it anywhere. Did you get a note from me? If not, my apologies. And yes, I have room in my car for you. We're going to Portland on Thursday morning, and coming back after the Ladiezzzz on Sunday afternoon. Send me an email at [email protected] if you'd like a ride.
    Hi Lois,

    What hotel did you book at? I'm rooming by myself so prefer not to spend any more than $100 per night. Thanks, Japanfan/Gayle
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