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  • Thanks for your input! I'll be on FB later today, and will check it out then. Thanks for letting me know! :)
    You're welcome about the rep! ITA about all the Beatles songs out there to choose from. I love playing that game, and know how many years you and I have been playing that game! I'm so thankful for our friendship we've shared throughout the years. <3
    Oh, yes, I too am happy for Max that he will have the opportunity to end his season on a high note at Worlds. Dare I cross my fingers and wish somehow three spots can be gained back for U.S. men?! I'm so glad you enjoyed U.S. Nationals. I saw you sitting in the audience at a Junior event, while watching IceNetwork. Talk to you more soon. :)
    Hi paskatefan!

    I haven't been checking my email in awhile. I will check soon to see if you sent U.S. Nationals reports and photos. I saw a photo of you with Max Aaron in the Max uber thread. It was such a cool photo! :) Oh, how I wish 3 U.S. guys could have been sent to Sochi, with Max chosen for the team competition. At the least, for team competition, there should have been an option for countries to add a skater. I hope Team USA can pull up and fight for a medal. And I hope Jeremy can ignore all, find his center and just shine on Olympic ice.
    Ricky usually has decent outings at Nats and this year's SP was just breath-taking. 2011's LP is the one that got me rooting for him since. I hope he can find his consistency 'cause I really believe he has more wow factor than Jason does. Have you caught up with 4cc results yet?
    Believe it or not, I still have all my old 45s of Petula Clark's songs. Thanks for the heads up about the National pics! I'll be on FB this afternoon. Appreciate it! :)
    It's great that you have relatives in Arizona. Next time you are in the Phoenix metro area, may be we can meet for a coffee or something.
    I was there too in San Jose at the nationals! I didn't try to contact any fsuers at that time.
    !כְּתִיבָה וְחֲתִימָה טוֹבָה
    L'shanah tovah tikatevu ve techatemu! :)
    May you be inscribed (in the Book of Life) for a good year!
    Good. I've posted a few things on your wall lately that I think you'll love. Don't miss them! :)
    Thanks! I'll check my wall this afternoon. I can't wait to see what you've posted. Hope your day goes well! )
    That was such a great number and a fun show. That year during one of the numbers (we had ice seats) there was a group number and John Zimmerman was right in front of us. He had a moment to wait so he came over and sat next to my sister and asked us how we liked the show. What a sweetie! (not to mention GORGEOUS...LOL)
    My very favorite number I ever saw was the "Little Less Conversation" Cowboy number. That was so much fun. I miss SOI. Can't bellieve they only did 6 shows in the US this year...but it was getting so expensive to go. I wish skating would make more of a comeback.
    Thanks for your kind words. I was absolutely amused when she called me dufus and put me on her ignore list. Her behavior speaks volumes of her childishness.
    Anytime! It is so fun reading all the titles and reminding me of songs I haven't heard in years.
    As for the Bangles and the Go-Go's. I have seen both of them live. Very interesting thing is the Go-Go's sounded great live, the Bangles were awful. Love their albums, but they must have used a lot of studio work to make them sound so good.
    Thanks for getting back to me, Darlene. I'll have to get back to my private message box & start deleting some of the older messages to free up some space. I like GS (actually even more than FSU), but there are certain posters there that I also avoid because of the fact that they constantly bash one or more skaters. I simply put them on my "ignore" list if they continue to spew hatred. Max competed @ the Liberty Summer Competition last July, and we got to talk to him & his parents - wonderful people, and down to earth! One of my friends took a picture of Max & me which I shared with Max on FB. Shabbat Shalom! - Gail
    ATTN: Your stored messages file is FULL. Couldn't send this as a reply; hope this works.

    Thanks for the info, Gail. I don't know why people get so intense in attacking various skaters. Sure, some I like more than others, but I can't think of one that I hate or would want to attack at every opportunity. If I don't like someone I tend to just ignore them. Why waste the time attacking?

    Yes, we both adore Max...such a nice Jewish boy, wonderful skater, and all-around nice person! :D

    How is Golden Skate? I'm registered there, but have only visited once. Some posters seem really mean over there. I'd appreciate an overview and some feedback.

    Shabbat Shalom! ~ Darlene
    Hard to believe it is May 1st. And we here in Minnesota are under a Winter Storm Warning!! We could get 5-8 inches of snow. I am LOVING it. Our record snowfall for May is 3 inches in 1892, 1935 & 1946. I hope we break this record big time.
    Still around, just lurking lately. Been going thru some stuff and just didn't feel up to posting. Thanks for the message.
    Need to get active again.
    Hi, I hope your connection is working better today. The technology stuff is often frustrating for me. I don't understand half of it re computers, even though I can sometimes figure out to do things with guidance. It's just a totally different language. On IceNetwork I've been having some problems with audio sync issues, and their tech people are telling me it's my browser, and not a problem on their end. Go figure. BTW, manleywoman has an absolutely wonderful interview up in two parts with Audrey Weisiger -- a must listen! :)
    Hi, thanks for the follow-up message. And thanks for sharing that about Ross. People piling on just shows the worst of human nature. Ross is a good guy and a fighter with the talent to come back strong if he summons the desire, grit and determination to do so. I'm hoping I'll see you in Boston next year and that all the Boston skaters will access their best and give us all something to cheer about! :)
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