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    RIP Prince Philip

    You get there real fast. Some if not all workplaces will accommodate. My mom and dad's funerals were within three-four days of their deaths.
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    As the Page Turns (the Book Thread)

    I stopped reading Outlander around book 5, but not for any particular reason. I'd probably have continued reading the series, but am content with the TV series for now.
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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    I don't know about the membership levels. But there are just a lot more kids who will try out skating on a local or outdoor rinks, so more kids who will be talented at it, and encouraged to take lessons for ice skating or FS. And those who show an interest in ice skating may gravitate towards...
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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    I'm sure there is more that Skate Canada can do to build up strength in FS and particularly to train up or offer opportunities to younger skating. However, our population is much smaller than the population of the US, so its unrealistic to expect that we our going to have the same...
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    News & Experiences continued

    Wow. Truly horrific. Inhumane.
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    Your Favorite Sandwiches (yum)

    Not grilled cheese, although an easy favorite for a lot of people. More accurately, broiled cheese toast. I too like it very much with very sharp cheddar. I make grilled cheese on a Forman sandwich grill, really just a small press. I can put butter on the outside of the bread, or not, as I...
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    The Biden-Harris Administration

    Ben Carson, IIRC? What did he do? I have not followed up on him since he got the appointment at all. Sure didn't like him much, however.
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    Feral Cat Advice Needed

    I never thought or said you were anti-cat, and apologize if you think I implied it. I understand your POV. Also, you must have a household that is well set up for keeping cats indoors? We live in an upper story part of a house, and like to keep our doors open, for fresh air, pretty much all...
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    Film Awards 2020

    Body of work? I don't know that, also?
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    Feral Cat Advice Needed

    So - kill them all? I do understand your POV, and expect others will as well. From what you say, it seems that the 'domestic/feral' small cat just shouldn't be allowed in Australia at all? Not everyone can ensure that their cat/cats will be indoors only. We have wild cats in Canada, so the...
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    Your Favorite Sandwiches (yum)

    If you eat processed meats in a sandwich, as many people do, they are not better outside the sandwich. They need the bread and dressing (e.g. mayonaisse). Mortadella comes to mind - not something I eat or put in a sandwich, but many people do. I can't imagine eating mortadella on it's own...
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    Why Does This Keep Happening: The Police Thread

    If a cop has a taser on one side of their body and a gun on the other, it is reasonable to expect that the cop knows where each weapon is and when it is appropriate to use each weapon. 'Pulling a weapon by mistake' disqualifies an individual from being a Police Office, imho.
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    Your Favorite Sandwiches (yum)

    I don't eat sandwiches out, excepting the odd Subway sandwich, which is never remarkable. At home, my favorite is egg/avocado salad. Followed by a club, with real turkey (not processed, usually roasted for holidays). And I think I have had a pulled pork sandwich only once, but it was delicious.
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    Feral Cat Advice Needed

    Why not just release her back into the wild, after spaying? SFAIK that is the policy here.
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    Feral Cat Advice Needed

    I would think it best to get her to a shelter, particularly for the sake of the kittens. But I am no expert, there are a few on this board who can advise you.
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