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  • Do you think Shcherbakova's ********* ***** mask will also change color during the middle of her routine?
    It will probably be those flip sequin things on top of it.
    Given that I loved Calabria back in my clubbing days, I now like Tuktamysheva that much more.
    I know he didn't win, but there are probably a few coaches out there that wish they bottled what Yuzuru has so the coach could force feed it to his whole team.
    Zagitova got dumped. All the carrots were probably accurate, but she should have gotten them before so it was not so unceremonious.
    Tony Wheeler
    Tony Wheeler
    She had four of them in France. Not completely out of nowhere.
    @Tony Wheeler

    5 line items or 6 elements is still a shocker for the reigning Olympic and World Champion. I should have also mentioned explicitly that her PCS dropped dramatically when they are typically very stable values.
    Only Yuzuru has a higher TES Base than Trusova in the 2019-20 Senior Grand Prix.
    So far, but this season is just beginning. Maybe there should be a thread for this so we can watch and compare TES all along. See if anyone catches up. Raf said Nathan isn't showing all he has planned just yet.
    Trusova deserved to win but she does not have nearly the PCS quality Lipnitskaya had at the same age at Skate Canada 2013.
    Liza's knee was inside the circle when she picked the 3F in the SP at Finlandia 2019! No way that was a wrong edge, "technical idiots"!
    The podium is fine, but the 2019 World Ladies LP placement order and scores look cleverly crafted by design.
    Yuzuru was just better in the 2019 World SP, and no two revolutions can change that. Nathan's caravan is meh.
    There is something very chaotic about the sport right now, which is difficult to watch when skating was an escape for me. Some skaters are doing so well while others are not. Some are too good to retire, but feeling it is their time. Others are rising and falling.
    Every time I now watch a Michelle Kwan program from the 1996-97 season I notice the severity of her misaligned right blade.
    Liza got a GPF Bronze, like I thought was possible after the Russian Test Skate. I admit I was blindsided by Kihira's rise, but she is earning it.
    I bet Mishin never thought he would have two Russian females in the GPF at the same time with a 5 year age gap between them :D ... So much for only being good for building railroads in Siberia ... :p
    ESPN did a 30 for 30 on the Miracle On Ice ("Of Miracles and Men"), and, dang, TAT was all over it.
    Hahaha When I first saw it a few years ago I was having a massive brainfart and asked myself repeatedly "Who is she?" When I remembered I felt so stupid.
    Yuzuru takes the ice, the camera pans to the, almost Russian in stateliness, Oligarch of figure skating, Brian Orser, then his prize pupil puts on a raw powerful dominant performance with ease to an iconic piece from Russian skating.
    Chill multiple times over from Hanyu's Otonal. I never thought I would feel that from skating again as unknowing admiration evolved to examining protocols and watching slow motion video to check rotations.
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