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  • Sorry this response is so late, but I just saw your question about Arkansas. I was born and now live in Paris, a small town about 40 miles east of Ft. Smith. Lived for a while in Helena, but I've been back here for years. I have a half-brother who lives in Arkadelphia; he taught English at Henderson State for many years.
    San Diego is a nice place to visit but it's not for me to live there.

    I went to Officer's Candidate School in Pensacola, FL and then to Navy Supply Corps School in Athens, GA.

    I am glad that I served but I knew when I joined that I was only going to do a sea tour and then separate after my shore tour.
    Where did you train? Do you miss it at all? I forgot to ask in the first message.
    2 yrs USS Lockwood in Yokosuka Japan
    1.5 years USS Tarawa in San Diego
    2 yrs Navspecwarfare Group One Coronado
    1 yr USS WM H. Standley San Diego
    1.5 yrs DAPMA San Diego
    It would be too scary if we did....when did you serve and where were you stationed?
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