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  • No offense taken my dear. All night long I was struggling internally with the warring emotions of overwhelming sympathy and compassion, and exasperation and anger at the stupidity and futility of some people and what they choose to do to themselves. :(
    CONFIDENTIAL: Thanks for the rep on World Team Trophy. Louis and I live in the same area, and while I have nothing against him, I frequently get tired of his "know it all, I'm the big expert here" attitude. (I've also experienced seeing him "hold court" at competitions, and it's a bit off-putting. Yes, Louis, you are knowledgeable, but geez, let's maintain the ability to get our head through the doorways, shall we?????") I just finally reached my limit with him on this one.
    Please don't drop a nuke on DC just because of the Frau - I'm only 2 hours away. ;-) Just use some directed dragon fire - and if it should scorch some Repugs, oh well (don't hit the Kween either).
    The Frau trashed Meagan Duhamel calling her a nervous wreck who won't shut up. So if she tries to slap me around, she will learn that Dragonlady is not just because I like dragons.
    Thanks for the rep points. The first "record" (LP) I ever bought was "Downtown." Thank goodness for CDs now!
    Yayyy! They're on fire right now! You watching? Thanks for the rep, dont have points to give but CHEERS TO US!!!!!
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