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  • Thanks! I've been guzzling liquids today and am staying away from solids. I hope this and napping on and off all day will have me feeling better in time for my cruise. I don't want to miss out on all the good food they serve onboard!
    Okay, I have to spread some more rep around before I can give it to you again. So, I'll post here! It was totally hilarious what you said about the splat emoticon. Thanks for making me laugh! Hope your day went well! :)
    Thanks! I love raccoons. I read Rascal by Sterling North as a child and wanted a pet raccoon of my own. We had one briefly when I was a teenager but soon realized how wrong it was to keep a wild animal as a pet so we released it.
    lol 92??? haahahaha it was 70 at best here today :( I don't like it hot but I do like it warmer that 70 mid summer ;) Post pics if you can :)
    Thank you for your message. You're very special yourself - and don't ever forget it. Hope you enjoy your day. :)
    I would live to meet up tomorrow for a drink. I'll be here till Saturday afternoon. My number is 985 285 0915.
    Hey, I was thinking the same thing about tubing. I hope gloves are used when they use the shovel to dig up potatoes. :)
    Sorry, but not i start this stupid talk about Virtue-Pelletier relationships. :) Fee; free to ignore me
    Hmm, taf, this is so petty and reeks of jealousy. Did you smart this way every Christmas morning when your little brother got better gifts than you? Wipe that scowl off your face, I see it clearly. The fact that I donated to her fund was to encourage others to give. This young woman needs help. That you would cynically turn it into that I'm 'bragging' and make fun of it, well, you need some professional help. I'm not even posting under my real name, yet you think I'm bragging. Great TAF. Therapy can really work, so investigate it.
    Taf, I am confused with your eyeroll wrt this situation. Do you not think she deserved a gift? Are you mad that I stated what I gave? Trust me it didn't go through taxes as charity, I gave it on the spot and cut off my weekend and lived quietly at home insteading of spending any money. It was worth it because I felt better at helping her than spending on me. I'm not sure where you are coming from. I've gotten more details, she is really on her own, and yet she still has her Vietnamese family pride. I cannot fault her for that. She has since said that she doesn't deserve any money, but her account went over $100K. If she's back in a few months, I might feel differently. Hopefully she will use that money to stay in school, help with her brother and sister, and SLEEP. I'm still not getting that eyeroll. It's so very nasty and cynical.
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