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  • Hi skatesindreams,
    Not sure where you are coming from, but I thought I would put in a good word for the Silver Blades Tour (the tour leader's name is Claudine). When traveling far from home, it is nice to know someone else is reliably taking care of the details for transportation & lodging. Silver Blades has a lot of people who have been loyal members for a decade so I think that speaks volumes. My best wishes!
    Hey, thanks for the e-mail! I'll definitely look through all the info and videos! I'm still a little confused about this profile thing. So, I came to your profile to reply. It's definitely appreciated. :)
    Esther, I'm so sorry that I've been out of touch. I have missed talking to you, and very much hope that you're enjoying life. :)
    I have a feeling you're right. I think it's more like trial and error in my case. My doctor wants to see me again in September for follow up. Anyway, I hope your day goes well. <3
    Thanks for the message, and I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to let you know what was going on. My Uncle has been helping with research, and we both have been sharing papers with each other like birth certificates, death certificates, obituaries, etc. I'm trying to help my cousin sort out things. She wants to find out more about her grandmother (my Aunt) and couldn't understand why she was being so secretive. We've now discovered some of the reason why. :)
    I should have looked in the Birthday thread, but kept forgetting to do so. I've been fighting allergies (oak pollen of all things), but I'm feeling better now. I've had to take a break from wearing the walking brace, at least for a couple of days. My ankle is swollen some and I've been elevating it. The orthopedist told me it would happen sometimes and it's because when I sit too long like in the wheelchair, my leg is hanging down. The swelling usually goes away after a day or two of keeping it elevated. Take care, my friend, and I hope all is well with you. :)
    Thank you for the sweet message. I've been thinking of you, also, and hope all is well with you. I'm finally getting use to my walking brace. It's not hurting my ankle like it was at the beginning. Hope you have a great week. :)
    Esther, thank you so much for your card. Unfortunately I seem unable to send you a reply at the moment; I think they must be having problems with their website, as I keep getting the message, "The page you're looking for can't be found." Sorry about this, and many thanks again.
    Thank you so much for the photos; they look wonderful. :) I'm very tired and will say more tomorrow, unless it's a terrible therapy session, in which case you might have to wait until I've recovered a bit. But thank you so very much.
    It's only just arrived, Esther, but thank you so much. :) I'll answer in the morning if that's OK, as it's getting pretty late here. :yawn:
    I'm thinking of you every day.

    How I wish that some here could show compassion to Jeremy Abbott.
    I'm sure that he is completely devastated; and the things that are being said in the media/by the public are only making the situation worse for him,
    Yes, indeed, Esther. I pray as well, every day. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and your gentleness of spirit. :)

    I hope you are enjoying the Olympics.
    "She's still here because of how much she loves us and how much we love her".

    What a wonderful way of expressing this!
    May it continue to be so.

    Oh, skatesindreams, I'm glad you were able to enjoy both of your parents in their golden years, and that for most of their lives they were spared the heartbreak of mental deterioration. Somehow,even in dealing with the vascular dementia my Mom is experiencing, I have learned invaluable life lessons. Who she is, her essence, is still very present and she still communicates very well. She's still "Mom" who reprimands and points out important things I often overlook. But yes, it is extremely hard to see the physical and mental changes she is going through. The worst for me has been the fact it's difficult to find a supportive, competent and compassionate nursing home (that's a whole 'nother story). Even the best of them generally have problems and tend to lead to a downhill slide. Throughout it all, my Mom has maintained her sense of self and her dignity. She's still here because of how much she loves us and how much we love her.
    Thank you so much, skatesindreams, for your thoughtfulness. It's always a pleasure hearing from you and reading your posts. :)
    Thank you, my dear friend. I do know that you're around anytime and I'll definitely take you up on that offer. If I get to the point that I just want to throw that walker into the wall again, you'll hear from me right away! Love you! <3
    Hello dear Esther. Sorry I haven't been in touch much, but it's not just you - I've been a bad correspondent all round. I hope you enjoyed Christmas and New Year; did you? We've had some wild weather here but it's really quite mild, so I think the snowdrops will be out in a couple of weeks. I've got a circle of them around the apple tree, and will send you a photo if you'd like that. My therapy resumes on Tuesday, thank goodness. Lots of love. :)
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