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  • Oh, yes, I too am happy for Max that he will have the opportunity to end his season on a high note at Worlds. Dare I cross my fingers and wish somehow three spots can be gained back for U.S. men?! I'm so glad you enjoyed U.S. Nationals. I saw you sitting in the audience at a Junior event, while watching IceNetwork. Talk to you more soon. :)
    We had a great time @ Nats. I tried sending you & a few others pics, but our computer is not letting us do that (even one picture @ a time) for some strange reason. Let me know if you ever decide to join FB - they're all there. Sadly FB no longer has the public link for sending albums to those who are not on it. I hope TEAM USA can pull up in the standings for the Team event. Heartbreaking for Jeremy - I hope he can move on from here and skate lights out in the men's event. I hope Jason has a great experience, and is appreciated by the international audiences. It's a sin that we don't have 3 spots - I so wish that Max could be there as well, but I am grateful that he will go to Worlds.
    Oh, skatesindreams, I'm glad you were able to enjoy both of your parents in their golden years, and that for most of their lives they were spared the heartbreak of mental deterioration. Somehow,even in dealing with the vascular dementia my Mom is experiencing, I have learned invaluable life lessons. Who she is, her essence, is still very present and she still communicates very well. She's still "Mom" who reprimands and points out important things I often overlook. :) But yes, it is extremely hard to see the physical and mental changes she is going through. The worst for me has been the fact it's difficult to find a supportive, competent and compassionate nursing home (that's a whole 'nother story). Even the best of them generally have problems and tend to lead to a downhill slide. Throughout it all, my Mom has maintained her sense of self and her dignity. She's still here because of how much she loves us and how much we love her.
    I was very fortunate that my parents mental faculties were not impaired until the very end of their lives.
    Neither one of them would have wanted to linger when that happened; and they didn't.
    The connection is still slow. Don't know what's up with that. Judging from your comments in the thread, the Audrey Weisiger interview sounds VERY interesting. I'll have to get to listen to it one of these days when the computer is not acting up!
    Hi, there. I had tons of trouble getting online yesterday. Internet connection was super slow, and I had to keep rebooting the computer. Frustrating when you can't download your personal e-mail too!
    Hi, there. Thanks for your supportive messages re: Michelle, Todd, etc. Sorry that some many posters here have taken you to task on a number of issues. You are one of the voices of reason here!
    Re: Florence King (whose Southern "Toryism" I don't claim to share), I highly recommend Southern Ladies and Gentlemen and The Florence King Reader.
    I wish that I were able to be in San Jose for all the "Pomp and Circumstance" surrounding MK!
    My friends who will be have promised to send reports, though!
    Thanks for your supportive comments, skatesindreams! It's worth fighting, if necessary, to keep the current GSD thread on MK focused as much as possible on celebrating Michelle's tremendous accomplishments, in honor of her pending HOF induction.

    I really appreciate posters like you who truly love skating and always contribute something positive to the threads you enter.

    Best wishes, skatesindreams, and enjoy the upcoming competitions and MKF induction ceremony at San Jose Nationals!
    I'm sorry that you have been given such a difficult time for supporting MK.
    I thank you for doing so, in spite of some of these posters.

    I've never considered myself an "uber" of anything, except great skating - whoever does it - at any time.
    I believe that Michelle's skating qualifies!
    Thanks for sharing that experience, Cheylana! Alissa, small? she looks taller than some skaters -- what is she about 5' 2"? Were you able to get autographs or pictures with the other skaters you met? Jason Brown is so cute. I really hope he continues to blossom and do well in skating. He's a joy to watch.

    THanks again!
    Hi aftershocks -- Alissa was quiet but very sweet; great to see the mega-watt smile in person. She was super tiny!!!!! We tried not to use much of her time as it was just a short break in the men's freeskate and we figured she'd want to focus on Jeremy and others. (Not surprisingly, she was visibly distressed after Jeremy's FS; she was leaning back in her seat with a very grim look on her face and left soon afterward.) We were really lucky and met a lot of skaters, as my sister has a ridiculous eagle eye. Jason Brown, John Zimmerman, Silvia Fontana, Amanda Evora and Caitlin Yankowskas in particular stood out for their sweetness; honorable mention to Ashley Wagner and Mirai Nagasu who were kind but obviously disappointed in their results.
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