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  • If you're able to send me a Christmas card, that would be lovely. If not, an ecard with some sort of beautiful wintry landscape would be equally delightful. I'll send you a proper message in a couple of days, when I've finished my cards. Unfortunately Tuesday is my therapy day, and it takes a while to recover. Would you like to tell me about the area in which you live? That would be nice to hear about. :)
    Wow ... 5 days a week is a lot, especially for 12 years! I admire you being able to do that!! You just gave me a lot of motivation! Thank you. <3
    Thank you, my dear friend! I'm thinking of you in the same way. I'm so thankful for our friendship and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. <3
    Hi dear friend, I'll make sure I send you the loquat photo tomorrow! :) Busy day, though, so just a brief message then and will write more at the weekend.
    Thank you so much for your messages. :) It is rather a strange time for me now, with many complications and uncertainties, but at least I know that the psychotherapy will begin on October 15th. Weren't you going to send me your Desert Island Discs a while back? I believe you were. ;)
    Thanks for all your many kindnesses, and for your thoughtfulness every day. I will be in touch soon. x
    Thank you for the rep, and I'm definitely glad I made it! Hope your weekend has been a good one so far. Love ya! :)
    Hi! I have to give out more rep again, but I totally agree with you about the obsession in some of these threads. Take care and I hope your day goes well. :)
    My very dear skatesindreams, I can only apologise for not having written yet. I will try my best to reply in the next day or two. In the meantime, thank you once more for your valuable support and affection, which means a great deal to me. :)
    Thank you so very much for your unstinting support. I can hardly express how much it means to me. I will reply tomorrow; I meant to get some replies done today but I was so tired and things were so difficult. I will keep trying. Thank you again.
    Just dropping by. Thank you for your message! LOL! I hope you have an awesome weekend, my friend!!!
    Just want to thank you for the link to the other video about Aimee. It gave a lot more detail about the bionic hands. Hope you have a great weekend! :)
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