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  • It's a process and I'll get through it. Remembering the good times we shared is good for the soul My husband and family are here for me, and Rock2 and I have already made plans to go to the funeral together. Thornhill is next week - starting Thursday. We were both hoping she'd be well enough to go, but it was not to be.
    Thanks for those kind rep words you sent me a few days ago. I needed to read them. :)
    Hi, I'll be arriving in Toronto on Sunday. You can call my cell if you want to meet up - # is 646-707-8797
    Hope to see you!
    Spoken like a true Lefty with a chip on her shoulder. I bet you like to blame George Bush for all your problems. lol
    Thanks, that's very kind of you to say. I'm most proud of the years that I spent in the class room. I never viewed it as a job, but as a passion. My niece is very special to me. thanks again.
    Thanks Dragonlady! He's not scaring me away lol. He's actually amusing me. I lol'd for real when I read his post =)
    Sadly I can't give you rep for your contributions to the Yuna in LA thread, as I've recently given you rep for something else. But I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sane, common sense, fact-filled posts. I'm glad Brian Orser has you in his corner, and I appreciate that you differentiate between Yuna herself vs. her obsessed and crazy fans. :cheer2:
    Hi liz,

    I just spoke with Catherine ( Rosaleen's Mom) and she told me that Rosaleen has been moved today to a rehab facility.
    I think I will post the address on the board so that anyone can send a card or a note if they wish.

    GF Strong Rehab Centre
    4255 Laurel Street
    Vancouver, BC V5Z 2G9
    3rd floor


    I tried to PM you before I posted the thread about practices sessions (After not contacting you for about 2 years, but keeping up on the internet), because I knew before I wrote it that Joannie had used a sports psychologist and seemed successful, but (As is sometimes the case on the ISU board) your reply took care of that detail. In my search for contacting you again I came across the thread in this website about your daughter’s skating experiences and whether or not parents should be in attendance, and spent the rest of the evening reading it. Wanted you to know that (From reading your ISU posts for many years) I wasn’t surprised, as I’d guessed that just about everything you posted in that thread was the way it was but it was great to see you confirm it.
    Having quite a time trying to navigate this website because even though I was a paid member and let it expire, I never attempted anything but being a "Reader" since joining.
    I have been trying to get in contact with Andora so I can return her skatebug. So far she hasn't responded to my messages. Could you please let her know that Lynne (Jasperboy) needs to get in touch?

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