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    U.S.-Iran Crisis

    Not once ever when Obama was President did I go to bed at night and wonder if the world would be at war when I woke up. This is twice in this Presidency when I feel the need to check first thing when I wake up to ensure Trump hasn't started World War III.
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    Ashley Wagner reveals she was assaulted by John Coughlin

    Still blaming the victims. Considering how YOU in particular, have gone after every single one of the victims on this board, it's hardly surprising you're still doing it. Why didn't she come forward before. Because of the way YOU, and all of the others have vilified and revictimized his...
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    Aussie Willy heading to Canada

    I'm near Niagara Falls and could come for a lunch.
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    Madonna - Is it the end?

    A messenger of women's rights? Are you kidding me? Hi, I'm a Boy Toy. I'm selling sex. I found her "messages" self-serving. And as for a "role model", for whom, to do what? I found her about as useful a role model as Gwyneth Paltrow. I thought her an excellent song writer, but as a singer...
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    Canadian Pairs 2019/2020 Season News and Updates

    Start a thread entitled "Who would you pair Skater X with" and take it from there. But my preference is that this discussion post on facts, not rumours or speculation. It's hard enough to get valid news in the off-season about all of the splits, coaching changes and new teams without confusing...
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    #Canada150 (Canadian politics and related issues)

    SNL Lavalin made such huge contributions to Liberals and BQ in Quebec because the chances of Conservatives EVER getting elected in Quebec are slim and none.
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    #Canada150 (Canadian politics and related issues)

    Coyne has a very selective reading of the facts, but then Coyne is a partisan conservative writing in the National Post, for a conservative audience. There is no mention of the unethical taping of private conservations by Wilson-Raybould. And while I do believe that Trudeau has handled this...
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    #Canada150 (Canadian politics and related issues)

    I often find DiManno an interesting read, but she's one screwed up woman. And she's not a liberal. She calls herself a political agnostic. Over the years, I've found her less agnostic and more antagonistic. She criticizes Trudeau without once mentioning the ethical breaches by...
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    #Canada150 (Canadian politics and related issues)

    I don't consider Rosie DiManno to be anyone whose opinion I would consider to be consequential.
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    #Canada150 (Canadian politics and related issues)

    SNC-Lavalan. What else. For decades, Mulroney, Chretian, Martin, Harris, McGuinty, and Harper have all pandered to an accepted SNC-Lavalan's corruption and bribery. Suddenly Trudeau is being taken to task for the government's long-standing failure to stop them. Why didn't Harper do it...
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    UPDATED: Jason Brown to Brian Orser (official)

    Sean Sawyer barely cleared the ice on his 2A. His jumps were smaller than Jason Brown's. And yes, he was slow in starting his rotation too. It had everything to with his lack of spring off the ice. Mariposa skaters jump big. They learn early to get down into their knees and spring high...
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    UPDATED: Jason Brown to Brian Orser (official)

    Jason's problem with the jumps has always been a poor take-off and lack of height. I knew the first time I watched him he would have trouble with 3A's and quads because he has very little spring and no height to speak of. Brian will have to break down his take-offs so he get's better spring...
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    I have a friend who is looking for a seat. I'll let him know and get back to you. Liz

    I have a friend who is looking for a seat. I'll let him know and get back to you. Liz
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    Tickets for sale or wanted

    I'm interestested in both tickets. If you're in Canada, I can email the money to you. Liz
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    Tickets for sale or wanted

    I'm looking on behalf of a friend. Do you still have the ticket? Liz
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