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    2021 World Team Trophy Men SP & FS - Roman, Nam and Adam on the Road to Nebelhorn

    First I've heard of it. Robert Burke is still listed as his coach, and that's who is with him.
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    2021 World Team Trophy Ladies SP & FS - Home of the Last-Minute Program Change

    Nobody "jinxed" Gabi. It would have been a miracle for her to skate well here, given that she hasn't skated well in over two years, hasn't been practicing well, and training centres have been under severe lockdown restrictions.
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    It's the economy, stupid

    Typed "WHAT YOU SAID". Followed that with a truly brilliant two paragraphs, and then a screen on a meeting program popped up, and in my effort to send the finished post, while responding to the start of the meeting, I managed to delete the entire thing and post YOU, in it's place. I've...
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    2021 Men FS - Voulez-Pooh

    Yes, I do like both of them, especially since Nathan starting adding more complex choreography, and transitions. I was really looking forward to this head to head, but it didn't happen. Nathan failed to show up for the short, and Yuzu the long. I'm not sure which I would prefer if both...
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    2021 Men FS - Voulez-Pooh

    No he's not, but he shows up prepared, and well trained, every. single. event.
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    2021 Men FS - Voulez-Pooh

    Roman. Definitely Roman. Nam would get the assignment and stop training.
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    2021 Men FS - Voulez-Pooh

    On behalf of everyone in Canada, thank you for that Keegan. What a guy!
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    Most epic Google translate fails of skaters' names

    I remember Babel translating Stefan Lindeman as "Lime Tree Man". It's how I always think of him.
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    2021 Worlds Pairs FS - Does Your Mother Know That You Cough?

    I initially thought it was in your face arrogant to skate to We Are The Champions, when you haven't actually won anything, but then the skating was fairly dazzling so when they finished, I thought they very well could be at the end of the day, and here we are. I mean is it really arrogance when...
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    2021 Worlds Men SP - Knowing Me Knowing Pooh

    AWESOME!!! Totally awesome! Loved every second of it.
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    The 'Cancel Culture'

    Neither of which is illegal. Velnetskaya, who met with Junior in Trump Tower was in the USA to defend on of her clients in a suit brought by the Justice Department, according to her visa application, but she was really in the USA to lobby for the overturn of the Magnitsky Act. So it really...
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    The 'Cancel Culture'

    Democrats opted not to impeach Trump at this time, leaving open the possibility to doing so at a later time, or filing criminal obstruction of justice charges once he was out of office. There is no doubt he obstructed the investigations - his daily Twitter feed was a series of attacks against...
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    The 'Cancel Culture'

    I guess all of those charges and guilty pleas and jury verdicts were just figments of our collective immaginations. As were the Mueller Report, the Senate Report on Russian Interference, the Inspector General's Report, and the conclusions of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, British Intelligence and...
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    The 'Cancel Culture'

    Those being "eliminated from view" sure do spend a lot of time giving interviews in the public media and on the internet about their voices being "silenced". Would anyone even know who Marjory Taylor Greene is if she wasn't being "censored"? It's also not a debate when one side is just making...
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