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  • Marge, I hope to see you at Alice Friday night. I'm somewhere up in the second ring. Maybe we can meet up at intermission or for a few minutes outside afterwards.

    Thanks for the message and the kind words. Sorry I won't see you this time around, but I have a feeling we'll see one another again in the near future!

    My father and I were very close. He died of pancreatic cancer in 1998.
    The fact that he made no secret of his pride in me, makes me smile.
    I think of him constantly; and I know that he is with me, still.

    You'll never really lose your father.
    I hope that the knowledge gives you comfort in the days and weeks ahead.

    Don't apologize; you are in a rough place right now. Dinner for the 31st in on my calendar. I suspect your curtain is at 7:30 while mine is not until 8, so you get to pick the time and the place for dinner.


    I just wanted to say hello. I hope things are going better for you; I understand this is a really terrible time for you. I'll be thinking about you and I hope we can still meet for dinner at the end of the month when you have City Ballet and I have ABT.

    Thanks, Marge! The encouragement really keeps me motivated. You've been a wonderful friend to me and God bless! :)
    Marge, thank you for the rep points. If I had that feature, I'd rep you back. Your knowledge of NYC is encyclopediac (Is that a word?)! it would be cool to meet you some day!
    I can't rep you again, so thanks for your card!
    We don't have funny cards over here, I loved it :)
    I love the brownies, too. Not so much what they do for any axel or double jump attempts, but you can't have it all :). And thank you for stating the NYC thread -lots of quality travel advice!
    Marge, thanks so much for the beautiful postcards and the Thanksgiving card. It really brightened my day when I received them. Love you! :)
    I had so much at ITNY! You're always welcome to come down for Nationals in 2014 -or Sectionals this year. Have sizable couch available :).
    Hey, Marge, I believe we have a date tomorrow night. I'm working and have no clue when I will get out, so I'll meet you at the seats.
    Thanks for confirming the artisit in the "Sing for the Day" thread. Thanks fo rthe rep points, too. If I had that feature, I would rep you back!
    Great to see you on Friday. PM me next time you are interested in going to a dance event; I hope to go to more things this season.
    Hi Marge - that sounds good. Where/when do you want to meet? Somewhere close to Lincoln Center probably makes sense. I should be free from 6 pm until shortly before showtime.
    Hey Donna, I was wondering if you've seen the Bright Steam. I want to go this Sat at 2pm, don't have tix yet. My ambitious program for Sat would be to catch Volosozhar show at the Floyd Hall in the morning and then rush to the city. Let me know.
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