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  • So are you going this Friday to Coppelia? (did not understand your message). I plan to go too--no ticket yet, but hope it's not a problem. Yes, I hate Coppelia too and that's why I am not doing Thurs (for Vasiliev) and Friday (Osipova) in a row, and sticking just with her:) can you email me your # at [email protected] just in case.
    Hi there! I'm going to see the Mariinsky on July 12, I got a ticket the day they went on sale. I will probably end up going on the 15th as well. I'll be at Lincoln Center this Friday for the RDB and will see if I can still get a ticket. I'll check back with you so we can meet up.
    I saw Osipova last year in Don Q, she's stunning. She's doing "Coppelia" this Friday, btw, if you want to see her again.
    (I personally loathe "Coppelia" and wouldn't go to see it even if Jose Carreno performed in it naked. :lol:)
    Hope things are good with you!

    hey i've been sat with Osipova, who's stunning! (more impressive than Vasiliev who i wanted to see, but it's hard to compare a male/female ballet dancer, Vasiliev is still very pleasant and captured the mood of his role, but man, Osipova can do a quad:) I will be at the Met on July 15 for Mariinsky, are you planning to attend that? Just one kiddo still, but he is turning out to be a FS fan:) Vadim sends his hearty hola:)
    Hi! I am going to see Bright Stream on Friday, if you decide to come then, I hope we can meet for a drink. My coworker saw the Bolshoi do this ballet the last time they were in NYC and liked it a lot, I do know that it is a comedy.
    Are you going to see Royal Danish Ballet or the Kirov while they are here?
    Please give my regards to your hubby!
    And I hope your little guy is well.....or maybe you have several little guys now?

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