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  • Rant away about SYTYCD. I love when people give technical critiques- It makes me sound like such and expert with my fellow fans at work, and helps me to watch the dancers with new eyes.
    Yes, it was a restful weekend, which was badly needed....now, lots of work on the horizon! Hope you have a great day and week!
    You are right about the other title (subtitle?) for that song. I love his concerts and the new CD, but one thing I wish he wouldn't do - shortened versions of certain songs (Carefree Highway, Christian Island). The Canadian Railroad Trilogy and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald are done in their entirety. Last year we bought a lovely illustrated book about the Trilogy (from Amazon.com). The weather after last year's concert was reasonably comfortable, so we stayed. Gordon & his entire back up band autographed it for us!

    The holiday weekend was very good for us. Hope it was for you!
    Yes! I have every recording of his since "If You Could Read My Mind," either on LP, cassette, or CD! We just saw him in concert last Sunday in suburban Philly. I've lost count how many times we've seen him, but it's a lot! My favorite songs of his are actually many of the songs that are album tracks - Circle of Steel, Sea of Tranquility Daylight Katy, 14 karat Gold, In MY Fashion, Hiway Songs, Ghosts of Cape Horn, The Soul is the Rock, A Tree Too Weak to Stand, Morning Glory .. BTW, he just released a brand new CD called "Live" It has 19 live tracks from concerts he did in Massey Hal (Toronto)l from the late 1990's -the early 2000s. We have every single track on this CD from before, but it's still worth owning!
    Hi Holley,
    You might wish to check out the newsletter I suggested. I just received the March issue and they have some good ones listed!
    Book those excursions in advance if possible. That was really good advice from the poster who said that.
    Its good that you don't dwell on it. Nothing can be done about it so why let it consume you. A lot of people do that -- it isn't so easy to forgive I guess, but life is easier if you can!
    Thank you so much! The family really appreciates everyone who has been praying for them. It is such a scary thing for all of them.
    So glad tyou had a good one. Spent a long time out on the gazebo listening to classical music and working on my needlepoint. Leisure I don't get very often! No chocolate though. But I might go trolling for discounted peeps and rabbits tomorrow. Have a lovely evening!
    Thanks Holley, I had a nap, cleared out garbage outside, and put my plant cuttings in pots! Other than the garbage, which blows here from other places, it was my idea of a perfect day.
    thinking of you kid.
    my beloved 16 year old cat died a little over two years ago - Thanksgiving weekend, she fell ill, suddenly in middle of night and died in my arms as we drove to the emergency vet at 4 am. I was heartbroken and felt that I'd failed her. she was my little shadow.

    you know the cure, don't you.

    two kittens adopted two months later from a rescue group. a happy house = cats in the house.
    thanks, the PCRM vegan kickstart has all kinds of medical advice as well as recipes and it is geared for people new to veganism. you'll need a good b vitamin, solgar makes one that is suitable for vegetarians.
    I am so not like poor Lauren......but I love everybody regardless of whether they are liberal or conservative. There's good (and sometimes naughty!) in everyone.

    Well, not everyone is liberal - I'm learning that. And you know what? It's okay. I'm not as liberal as I thought LOL. I know you aren't like Lauren...it's cool.
    Thanks Holley. Yes, prevention sounds good to me, in whatever form it may come. Whatever it takes. Cancer needs to DIAF already!
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