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  • Thanks for the rep, Rob. Hope all is well with you. I too am waiting for Duke Pics from my daughter. I'll share when they come....
    Thanks Rob, Elise is gone. Shell be fine. She's loaded with talent. Looking forward to Top Five..Regrds.

    I've been through a lot of pain about Mom...and I know I had plenty of fault in the whole matter as well. But...she was the adult. I never have had a mother I could confide in, talk to, cry to. Fortunately, I have had many great friends, and my own daughter is an absolute miracle. I swore I would be the mother to her that I never had. I have been far from perfect, but we do have a wonderful relationship and real friendship. I do not feel slighted by life. Sad, but ok. Thank you for your sympathy and sweetness in caring. You are a very special lady!
    Thanks for the rep. HYes, Mom has never been very supportive even from an early age. Lots of baggage, but I have come to forgive both of us-most of the time. Now she is in a very advanced state of dementia, and there will never be a reconciliation. Life just isn't perfect. But I have plenty of other wonderful things in my life, so, it all balances out.
    Would you believe "beefcake" gave me bad rep for that message you gave me good rep for? Gad, people are really strange......first bad rep I've had in almost a year.....
    Eys, it is very facebooky. :shuffle:

    And I feel very :drama: and :wuzrobbed that I am not in the donut brigade group and I can't find a way to join it :p
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