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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    Saving part of ballet was the tights underneath the high cut Leo. And unitards became big. Don’t know why gymnasts can’t wear a unitard of bike/swim short length.
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    RIP Prince Philip

    Such a long life. Condolences to the UK and the Queen, 73 years of marriage is incredible.
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    2021 Worlds Ladies SP - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Mask Before Midnight)

    Sasha must buy the flowers and visit Eteri.
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    Just call me Harry. (Everything Harry & Meghan)

    LOL, especially when I can't recall seeing many U.K. media personnel of color. It is one thing to wonder which parent a baby might look like and another thing to suggest that you are thinking about how to hide it or prepare for it if it doesn't come out the "right" way. Which is what was...
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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    Nor I. Too hard to administer fully vaccinated travel at this stage and have enough tests kits for the world to get back on its planes home. Japan sporting events sell well so if they allow resident spectators, there would definitely be spectators.
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    The Medical Thread: Vaccine Search / Staying Healthy / Treatments Etc

    Got my first vaccine yesterday after hours of searching and on hold on the phone. In January, I found a lot of appointments for age-eligible neighbors, but it became so difficult as eligibility expanded.
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    The Bachelorette Fall 2020

    Victoria is 27, acts 17. And then when she talks to Matt, she’s boring.
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    The Bachelorette Fall 2020

    I think the on resort dates are so dull that the producers really have to pump up the drama in the house to make it the least bit interesting.
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    The Bachelorette Fall 2020

    Anyone watching The Bachelor?
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    Boring Facts About You

    The highlight of my day today was sitting in the car waiting for the vet to do blood work on my cat. It was a nice and sunny and warm Winter day. Cat is hyperthyroid and we’re trying to get the meds right. Then I did laundry, love laundry, hate ironing.
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    2020 has been a difficult year, what good thing happened in 2020

    Working from the beach! It worked so well during lockdown that my company has decided I can do this permanently. I’ll go back once in a while for events.
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    The Bachelorette Fall 2020

    Anyone still watching? Even though there have been 2 bachelorettes and a lot going on, it’s fairly boring.
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    Air Fryer Recommendation

    I got an air fryer lid for my instant pot. It air fries dehydrates, and a few other functions.
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    The Bachelorette Fall 2020

    Yes it did, Clare fell in love at first sight, feelings were mutual, and left engaged in 2 weeks. Tayshia Adams was brought in to replace her. 4 new guys came in too. I’m rooting for Ivan now because he works for my company. I don’t know him, but he’s supposed to be super nice and he isn’t...
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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    This made me laugh:
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