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  • Thanks for your kind comments re: Todd in the Men's survivor thread. I'd give you rep points if I had that feature. I dare to say that he is one of the more underrated skaters here due to the quad obsession. He does everything else so beautifully, yet is picked on because of the quad issue. I love most of his programs, wish he & Kurt had Olympic medals, but thank goodness for their longevity!
    This was only about a 1 hour flight, followed by an hour and half drive. Relatively simple trip. Out to Portland this evening. Trip to Nagano last year was a nightmare. 2 hrs from Hartford to Atlanta, then 14 hours to Narita, 1 hour train to Tokyo and then 2 hour train to Nagano.
    anytime :D I dont know shy ppl are being so negative about all the Brian-YuNa stuff. She will move on and so will he. What do u think about the demands of YuNa fans that Orser needs to apologize to the nation of South Korea for reveling her LP music? I think it is f***ing hilarious!
    Oh it was!!! I'm a huge Yagudin fan. I like Plushy too-just not quite as much.I had a huge crush on Alexei-and I'm 60!!! I also got to interview him for my newspaper column. he was kind of a little stinker at first-he obviously didn't want to do the interview, but we chatted for about 20 mintues, and once he started talking about himself and his skating, he was nice. This was when he was with SOI and was preparing that routine where he did a lot of gymnastic/calesthenics with the fabric over the ice. He told me all about how it was developed. Cool! Hope you have a lovey evening, and best wishes!
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