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  • I'm a big fan of Orser, but he isn't helping her. Either she isn't following his advice or it isn't working. No point wasting everybody's time.

    Anyway he won't be going to Nationals with her anymore (her most important event) because it will conflict with Fernandez and Europeans. At that level I would rather have a coach that makes me a priority.
    I agree. Gao either needs to change coaches or maybe take up collegiate skating if she doesn't want to put in the time. She's spending too much money to settle for 5th.

    I didn't mention the coach because I didn't want the thread to become about Orser.
    LOL!! I had to downsize my Adam banner from SC to Nats..

    That person is an idiot..Mrs Rippon is awesome, like the ever ready bunny!
    I am going to have to sreal him 3 triple axels from an unartistic jumper. He did so well when he won Jr Nats in Minnesota. I hate to see others pass him by.
    I'd love Adam to be in Canada, just wondering if they would send him there two yrs in a row. He's still my favorite of the American men.
    You can't get to the Olympics unless you plan to get there. You might not get there, but you still need to plan to get there to have any opportunity of getting there.
    Whee, who ever thought the gawky kid you kicked out of your seat would grow up into such an accomplished young man! He's probably too young to realize this, but everyone fails, it's a necessary part of personal growth; it's what you learn from failure that defines who you are and what you accomplish. He's made so much progress this year; he's got a great future ahead of him.
    You must have helped! Adam is such an incredible talent-I enjoy watching him skate more than anyone except perhaps Lambiel!
    Thanks for the description. I think her costume is utterly gorgeous....both of them. But then, it would be kinda difficult for her to look bad LOL!
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