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  • He loves Rosetta Stone. I just wish he wasn't so loud when practicing. I asked him if he would recommend it and he said "definitely". It teaches the language through an immersion method, similar to what you would get if you were chucked into the middle of it and had to figure it out. So far seems to be working for him. Good luck
    I've known Adam since he was a novice and I had to kick him out of my seat at Nationals in Portland! Saw him skate this year at Festa, at NHK, and finally at Nationals. Can't wait to see what Grand Prix assignments he gets next year.
    Enjoy! Both Adam and his Mom are over the moon! In 2006, he ran up to me after he bombed in the Junior Freeskate in St Louis and essentially asked me if I thought he had any redeeming qualities as a skater! I sent him a tweet after the SP at 4CC's and told him to stop beating himself up. I hope that it helped.
    Yes, Savoie's 2006 SP is one of my very favourite programs...I may love Lambiel's Poeta more, but he rarely skated this program clean. I didn't know about Abbott's SP-I'll have to go watch it right now! Thank you! Cara Michelle

    Oh yeah, I've got Adagio for Strings on my ipod-it is indeed hauntingly beautiful!
    Isn't the Barber piece hauntingly beautiful? Check out Matt Savoie's SP from 2006 and Jeremy Abbott's SP from last year.
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