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  • Thanks for the rep points! I agree with you that it is a beautiful song, and it fit the game when I posted it.
    JZ is a total sweetie (so is Silvia). The Liberty Summer Competition is next week in Aston, PA (45 minutes from home). Usually John & Silvia are there to sell her Karisma line of skatewear. I don't know if they'll both be there this time around since Silvia just had baby #2, but if they are, we will certainly stop by to say hello to them. We were still so lucky that we had an SOI show to attend this past season (2 hour road trip - New Year's Eve - we stayed over to avoid the crazies on the road). It's a shame the number of tour dates have dwindled, but TPTB need to do something drastic to make skating shows affordable to the general public again. So many parts of the US were left out, not only this season, but for the last few seasons! The program you're referring to is called "Studz," - an SOI classic guy's number - hot!!!! :D
    Thanks for the rep points. I love that the SOI cast skated to Mr. Blue Sky a few seasons back (during the "Imagination" tour)
    Very interesting, indeed. We haven't seen either group live, but I like their songs in both cases. In a way it reminds me of the way some people perceive skaters. Some skaters don't come off as well on TV but really shine live, and vice versa Re: Some of the posters who routinely bash certain skaters @ this board make me wonder - for example, have they ever actually seen such & such a skater skate live (to realize their speed, if they consider them slow and lethargic on TV?). Can they do the amazing things that skaters do on the ice?
    Thanks for the music info. I sometimes get confused with the Bangles & the Go-Gos. I like the music of both groups.
    Thanks for the rep points. BTW, the only version of the song "See You in September" that I know is by a group called The Happenings. What are the names of other singers/groups that have recorded the song?
    Oops! It's always good to hear from you, but I just realized something. My comment about the song reference for the post on my FB wall was for Wyliefan, LOL. (Tra la, it's May, the Lusty month of May - from Camelot - my all time favorite musical - Broadway cast - with Julie Andrews, Richard Burton, & Robert Goulet - the movie version is unwatchable, IMHO).
    You really want the snow? Do you ski? It's beautiful to look at, but I wish it would just land on the trees & grass. I dread driving in icy conditions. Of course, where you live, you are much more prepared for it. People go nuts here when they hear a weather prediction of a few inches of snow.
    Thanks for the song rep. One of my favorite Billy Joel songs, along with The Entertainer (my favorite) and The Ballad of Billy the Kid. Check my May 1st FB post - Hint - Tra la, it's May ... You know WHICH version of the song, LOL!
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