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  • Hello angel. You're missed here, so I hope you're doing something enjoyable, and not just filling in job applications. I have started on your letter! :encore: :cheer2: :biggrinbo ;) :rollin: :)
    I hope you're OK, angel, and that you are at least getting interviews, even if you haven't yet found work. It's no reflection on you; jobs are hard to find at the moment. I know I owe you a letter. It will arrive in your inbox when you least expect it. :sekret: ;)
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, and the same to you! I hope it was very happy.

    I really enjoy your posts. :)
    Hi, my dear friend! ITA about this Olympics being exciting! I really enjoyed it, and I also liked the Team Trophy Event. Love you and hope your weekend is a great one! :)
    Thanks for the rep. I really like both teams, with a preference for Meryl & Charlie, but seriously, they're both great!
    We've watched what we could on Universal Sports (which we're getting thanks to Direct TV. We lost Universal Sports from Comcast when Comcast dropped it on 1/1/13, so we switched over to Direct TV). I heart Jason, am crushed for Adam & Keegan. Wish Ross Miner had finished higher in the standing. I loved his free skate (even with the mistakes). I am very happy that Max will get to go to Worlds. Re: the ladies, I felt the Olympic team should have been Gracie, Mirai, & Ashley. I have nothing against Polina. She skated beautifully @ Natioanls, but how much international experience does she have on the Senior level?
    I really admire Ricky. He had a super short program @ Nats. It's a shame that things didn't go as well for him in his free skate. I'm staying "unspoiled" re: 4CC.
    Thanks for the rep, my friend! I never get tired of listening to Queen's music. I'm also getting really excited about getting that walking brace! I'm not sure if they're bringing the brace Thursday or if they're going to take sizes of my foot and ankle, etc., for the brace. Either way, it will help support my ankle when I get it. Hope you have an awesome week! :)
    Joni Mitchell - what a talented singer/songwirter. We were lucky enough to see her in concert twice! My musical taste is rather Canadian, eh? Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Bryan Adams, Michael Buble. Oh, I do like other artists very much too - Billy Joel, James Taylor, Bruce Hornsby, Bruce Springsteen, Carly Simon, ...
    Hey! I will definitely take you up on that offer ... whenever it may happen. I think we'd have a great time in the Arctic and I've always wanted to see a polar bear! We could also go ice fishing!

    Hope you have a wonderful afternoon, my friend! :)
    Thanks for the rep, my sweet friend! I totally love that song ... and most any other song by Carly Simon. :)
    I'm grateful for the complement.
    Many thanks!

    I have some experience of what dear orientalplane is going through; although nowhere near as severe as what she is suffering.
    Even small gestures of support can make a real difference.

    Offering them to her; and others who are struggling, is my "Thank You" to all the caring people who helped me when I needed it most.
    Thanks for the rep points. I borrowed the soundtrack from the public library, and it is really a beautiful one!
    Thanks for the rep points. I actually prefer "Tears are not Enough" to "We are the World" musically (that's the "honourary" Canadian in me).
    I'm sorry darling; I will delete some messages now. Yes, I got your email - you are very pretty. :) I will write properly very soon, but today is a bad one. Lots of love. xx
    We have a subscription for the Philly Pops orchestra. One of the concerts this season was themed "Bond & Beyond>" There was a guest singer who sang "Goldfinger" & other Bond classics. She was terrific & the whole concert was amazing!
    Hi there! Well, I don't know how the message got cut short. lol! Yeah, I'm afraid Spring left us behind and ran out the door! It's already 83 degrees here with a high of 91, and the humidity is horrific! I thank God for A/C. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend! :)
    Thanks for the song rep. I love Billy Joel's music, period. Turnstiles is my favorite album/CD of his to date. It contains "New York State of Mind," Summer, Highland Falls (gorgeous!), Prelude/Angry Young Man, I've Loved These Days, I've Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway, etc. Great stuff!
    Thanks for the rep points. We saw Nicole @ the 2nd Caesars' Tribute (for the ladies), and she was radiant. She was so glad to be back on the ice, and it showed!
    Thanks for your message, much appreciated. A postponement is necessary now in any case because of some sad news tonight in the Snark thread. I hope you can keep posting now and don't have to go away again. Love 'n' stuff. :)
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