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  • Thanks for another rep! I'm fine, enjoying spring, which has finally sprung in Philly. The flowers & budding trees are beautiful! Post when you can! :D
    Hi, l'etoile! Thanks for the rep! I'm fine, thank you for asking. :D Hope everything's okay with you, too. I've been so busy, that I just haven't had the time to come here. :( Hugs!
    Thanks for the rep points, again! Did you have trouble getting online yesterday? I did. Connection was super slow!
    My username doesn't mean anything in particular! It's pronounced "pseudonym" but with the native american tribe reference. :lol:
    Hey! You bot that right! They most definitely better bring the programs of their lives! lol! I've really had a blast so far. Thanks for the rep! :)
    Thanks for the rep points, and even more importantly the song info. Now that I think of it, I must have been confusing a very pretty Lennon/McCartney song "Words of Love" with this one. In the case of "Words of Love", as done by the Mams & the Papas Cass Elliott was the lead singer. Anyway, they're BOTH great songs!
    Hey! Thanks for the rep. Glad you found the place. lol! I hope all is well and you have a great weekend! :)
    I am used to seing her much more polished than now...I dunno, that video was just a very clear proof of her weakness...Still, I find her much more exciting to watch competitively than Kwan...The jumps and speed help, too:p
    Thanks for the song rep. I actually like "Tears are Not Enough" even more than "We are the World"! Very pretty melody, with inspiring lyrics.
    Hey thanks for the rep point. In fact I don't think I have received so many positive reps for on thread ever. Appreciate your support. :) God there are some nutters out there.
    Thank you, and Happy, Healthy New Year! :encore: Musically, I'm pretty eclectic - huge fan of Billy Joel, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Bruce Hornsby, Bryan Adams, The "Boss," Michael Buble, Motown, Biritish Invasion, folk/rock . .., Broadway musicals, movie soundtracks, classical music (esp. Mozart,, Beethoven, Handel, Bach, Copland ...)
    Thanks, my friend! I also hope 2013 brings you much joy and happiness, and may 2013 be an awesome year in our lives! :)
    Hi, l'etoile! I'm fine, thanks. And how are you? :) I've been busy with college, that's why I haven't been coming here more often. I miss FSU. :(
    Thanks! I'm getting excited about the holidays, too! Hope you've had an awesome weekend! :)
    Just saw your message. I really am excited about Yuna! I would love to see her competing at Worlds! I hope you have a great week, too! Love ya! :)
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