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  • I've fallen in love with Andrew Poje - what a fox. He and that GIRL he skates with :EVILLE: were unfairly scored, but a good finish for their first Olys, and the fact that they have had a comparatively short time together.
    Happy for Davis and White, but they will never be Belgosto!!!
    Who wouldn't love them?! But my absolute favorite french dancers are Delobel and Schoenfelder(damn it's a difficult name lol) I was really heartbroken at their bad luck heading to Vancouver and now P/B are having their bad luck:( Still I would take P/B's programs/performances over current Russian dancers any day.
    Yes, I know my rep message didn't make sense. Yes, I'm aware it couldn't be secret if Reuters knew that the second baby would share the teat with a tarantula. :mad: :eek: :mad: Yes, I'm a fool. :p Anyway, I dare say those benighted beings with whom you share your time zone will find your first novel "The seal, the teat and the tarantula" an amusing trifle. :)
    There's a banner ad on the main page that's visible to users without paid subscriptions. It's for a skating blade company and features the names of many different champion skaters, including "Torville and Dean". fenway2 started a thread about it in the Trash Can.
    Hey, I'm glad you liked the screencaps, and thanks for the birthday wishes! Here's hoping you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon! :)
    1) Elena Berezhnaya & Anton Sikharulidze
    2)) Naomi Lang & Peter Tchernyshev
    3) Oksana/Pasha Grishuk & Evgeni Platov
    4) Irina Lobacheva & Ilia Averbukh
    5) Sergei Sakhnovski
    6) Shae-Lynn Bourne & Victor Kraatz
    7) Albena Denkova & Maxim Staviski
    8) Galit Chait & Sergei Sakhnovski
    Hey, thanks for the rep. Well, I'm a lot better now since I'm finally getting some sleep! Hope all is well with you, and have a great weekend! :)
    Several of these probably should be replaced by more T/D (never seen "Barnum" :shuffle:), U/Z, and perhaps Rakhamo and Kokko, too, but I need to see more ice dancing as well. I have to say I've never really gotten all the fuss over Delobel/Schoenfelder, nor the cries of "wuzrobbed" for Krylova and Ovsiannikov at the 1998 Winter Olympics. Rewatching D/W's Die Fledermaus, which I used to love, swept it clean off the list.
    The subject line of the unsent PM was "Someone still in the depths of (ice dancing) ignorance writes..."

    In alphabetical order...

    Anissina and Peizerat, 2000 Worlds (Carmina Burana)
    Bestemianova and Bukin, 1988 Olympics (Polovetsian Dances; I'll admit it's a bit OTT)
    Blumberg and Seibert, 1984 Olympics (Scheherazade)
    Duchesnay and Duchesnay, 1990 Worlds (Missing)
    Grishuk and Platov, 1997 Euros or 1997 Worlds (can't remember which is better; The Feeling Begins; included more for execution than concept)
    Grishuk and Platov, 1998 Euros (Memorial)
    Klimova and Ponomarenko, 1992 Olympics (Bach Air; "A Man and a Woman")
    Torvill and Dean, 1984 Olympics (Bolero)
    Usova and Zhulin, 1993 Worlds (Blues for Klook)
    Virtue and Moir, 2010 Olympics (Mahler 5)
    Certainly you can examine my gooseberries. I'd be disappointed if you didn't. :) They're nice and hairy and getting bigger by the day. :grope:
    Just wanted to thank you for sharing the video of Olga Markova. It had been years since I had watched her skating. Really enjoyed it. :)
    No. In early 1981, my mother read a Sidney Sheldon paperback, Rage of Angels, whose protagonist (like 1 in 50 baby girls at the time) had what would become my first name.
    1) July 2) lunchroom 3) struggle 4) stuffed animals :)confused:) 5) Playboy

    So I probably wouldn't have done any better than Boitano. :drama:
    Hi, friend! Thanks for the rep. Things are going pretty good for me. I still have my bad days, but I fight back. I was told I'd always have leg spasms, but leg stretches and muscle relaxers do help. I hope all is well with you, and have a totally wonderful weekend! Love ya! :)
    I'm doing quite well for someone with MDD. Thanks for asking. :) Hoping that your recent rude return to FSU means that things are good at your end.
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