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    RPDR S10 - let the games begin!

    Slightly off topic but has anyone seen Drag Race Thailand? I was floored that it is SUBSTANTIALLY more entertaining than Season 10; the cast is unique, diverse, and incredibly shady! :2faced: Many unique challenges and the runways are :inavoid: Videos with subtitles are available on...
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    Kwan fans...

    The Kween :rollin: Watched her Dream of Desdemona earlier on a whim. :swoon: Skating just isn't the same anymore
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    RPDR S10 - let the games begin!

    None of these top 4 seem like a winner to me. :yawn: Can't they bring back Monique Heart and crown her? It's probably Aquaria who takes it but what exactly is so groundbreaking about her Parisian fashion approach to drag? She looks great but she could possibly be the least charismatic...
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    U.S. Ladies [#22]: No More Carrots!

    I question whether this made the sport better, though. I love a show stopping spiral :sasha1: but what does flexibility really have to do with "skating"? I would prefer to see skaters with beautiful edgework and flow over someone who can pull their leg up above their head. The Janet...
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    Kaori Sakamoto cheer thread

    I think you mean David might be a good fit to help her develop style. :P She's a bit bland in the choreo department although her skating skills are absolutely superb. Hopefully the flutz can be addressed too
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    ISU Congress

    I never really understood the backload bonus being prescribed for only jumps. Theoretically, isn't any technical element more difficult after the 2nd half?
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    I miss Gracie too, Bradie is like the bad Walmart version (Disney section).
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    Osmond to skip Grand Prix (and more?)

    Blast, I wish we could keep her another quad. But with her huge success this past season as well as her long track record of injuries I can't say I'm surprised. :( Any promising Juniors coming up the Canadian ranks?
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    Best ladies' costumes this season

    Actually the whole look was fabulous, still my favorite of the night.
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    RPDR S10 - let the games begin!

    Kind of :yawn: last two episodes. I'm not sure who the producers are grooming for top 4...probably Eureka, Asia, Aquaria, and...Monet? Maybe? Cracker isn't serving it like I thought she would I'm still gutted Monique Heart is gone, she was the (fake) tits. :fragile:
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    Is Alina Zagitova better than Evgenia Medvedeva?

    Can them both. :P Kostornaia and Gubanova are better.
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    Max Aaron retires from figure skating

    Thanks for the memories!
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    The annual "what music would you suggest to skaters that has not been overused or used (lately) in competition?" thread

    Nocturne n. 2 in B major, op. 33 n. 2 ~ Gabriel Faure I always wanted Mao to use this
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    RPDR S10 - let the games begin!

    Love the design challenges...Mayhem, Monique, and Yuhua were the top for me. Love Monet Xchange but that was butt ugly. Sad to see Vanjie get chopped so early, her charisma is off the wall..
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    U.S. Ladies [#21]: Wrapped Up with a Neat Little BOW

    It's a lot easier to focus when you ignore the music. :P But I do like her overall technique
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