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  • Kwanita, I'm glad you got to see how Adam and YuNa are flourishing under the direction of your new coach.
    (((((Inspired Kwanita-chan))))
    Awww....Auntie falling dance won't give me the password to ventriloquize you, my sweet little apple tart. ((((Kwanita Dahlin))))
    Kwanita Dahlin,
    Don't you worry. Once we start with Orser, you can forget about all these barnacles who think they are your "auntie".
    Sparks-san and Kwanita-chan will be very happy in Canada. You won't have to straighten your hair. You can even have your own dog collar, if you want.
    Now, pose for your passport picture! :)
    *sigh* oh poor Auntie-san is having another psychotic episode. Dear Kwanita, just be sure to make eye contact with her out of pity and smile, then just keep on walking--just as we do with panhandlers!

    <3, Daddy Sioux ;)
    Wow, daddy-san has dementia. :rolleyes: How can a precious little child :)coo coo: ) like Kwanita turn from 1 year old to 12 years old in several weeks. Time to become a mental inpatient, sioux-daddy-san!!!
    Kwanita dahlin-san, come to Auntie-san who's curled up in her Snuggie right now. :saint: I bought you a mini Kwanita-san sized Snuggie!! ...and a used/returned Snuggie for my dearest sis and your Auntie falling dance-san.
    Kwanita darling, come here...yes,right on daddy's lap well done. Now darling, you must know that an informant has revealed to me that your coach falling_dance is a common street whore. Hmm? Oh yes dear just like the ones on Sex and the City. So please dear use this hand sanitizer whenever you come in contact with her. Now off to bed, but first have some chocolate..;)
    Auntie icedance-san sings La Traviata:
    "Tra voi tra voi saprò dividere
    il tempo mio giocondo;
    Tutto è follia nel mondo
    Ciò che non è piacer.
    Godiam, fugace e rapido
    e'il gaudio dell’amore,
    e'un fior che nasce e muore,
    ne più si può goder.
    Godiam c'invita un fervido
    accento lusighier."
    I am eternal!!!!! And I spring back to life!!!

    :encore: Thank you! :encore: Thank you! :encore: Auntie icedance-san will be performing all month here at Kwanita-san's webpage! :encore:
    Kwanita-san, Auntie-san will no longer be able to talk to you out of fear of being kicked down the stairs by the cruel AntiChrist sioux-san again. *is dragged screaming, wailing, and begging from Kwanita-san*
    Kwanita said: Auntie icedance, I'M NOT ONE OF YOUR FANS!

    You are such a good Kwanita! Come kiss The Mama-san.
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