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  • Chil', don't make me go all Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, 'kay? :slaps siouxdonym: I must see my sweet niece Kwanita and she lurves her favorite Auntie icedance so very much.
    Kwanita doesn't want to come back to you, "Auntie" icedance. She says you smell of gin and butt rot, that for some reason you urinate "the man way", and that you keep trying to slip 9Lives into her cereal. Besides, she always seems to end up with a mysterious rash everytime she comes back from your house.

    *starts filing restraining order :COP:*
    Oooh, shake that saucilicious belly, Kwanita dahling, with momma Spark's belly dancing outfit! Oh and come back to Auntie icedance! :wuzrobbed :drama:
    mama is boss over her beloved psych ward patients. But Look, she hasn't even added her own daughter to her friends list. What neglect :fragile:.

    Now darling Kwanita...please subscribe to the ISWU group and learn how to say "**** off, asshole" in Russian. It shall come in handy in fending off pervy russians when you start competing internationally.
    Now, as far as I can see, Kwanita has her father's permission to wear the dress in competition. You and her father will have to work this out yourselves, madam.
    wow! Our little Kwanita is :inavoid:! Would you like the Swan dress with the eggs or without, darling?
    Dearest Kwanita, I would never make you into a Tara Lipinski.
    I see you as your own person and only want the best for you.
    Sioux-san is a deadbeat daddy and will not contribute to your education or your training fund. :angryface:
    Don't listen to you silly flatulent mother, Kwanita. She's crazy and if you listen to her you'll end up like Tara Lipinski: A waitress.
    Kwanita!!! Who is the parent here???
    When you are not on the ice, you better be sewing...not playing on the're too young.
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