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  • ITA about Plushy. There is a good article, a translation of a Russian blog really explaining it well.
    I hope you don't mind, but I appreciated your comments in the SOTU thread, and wondered if you had any other observations. I really do try not to be an asshole, but sometimes I go over the line and don't realize it. AM
    I grew up in Buckhead, and then Sandy Springs - I had a lot of friends who went to North Fulton, but considering I was born in 1967, I unfortunately don't think we'd have any mutual acquaintances. Had we not moved, however, I would have gone to what was then Dykes HS (which became Sutton Middle School) and gone to Northside HS.
    Bizarre - who gives bad rep for that? I only give bad rep when someone is slamming a child for being ugly or fat. And very rarely. I just put them on ignore (like Bandana).
    Thanks for your sweet message to me a couple of months ago (sorry, I didn't see it at first!). And stage 1 is definitely a big deal. Hearing the words "You have cancer" is always a big deal. We bc ladies have to stick together! :)
    Thanks for the hopes and prayers. I've been cancer free for 9 years, but the health insurance folk won't touch me, so I have to go with whatever I can get via the IBM retiree program. This wasn't so bad previously, but this year the only options are bad, no good, and worse.

    My prayers are with you.
    Holly, I was just in Cherry Hill last wk with friends. We did a little shopping and had lunch. I love Cape May. I live at the shore, town next to Atlantic City, Ventnor.

    Cheers, kwanette
    Holly, I was diagnosed with an indolent form of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 08. Fortunately, it was not in my bone marrow...and my white count has been within a normal range..I have a great breast surgeon in Philadelphia and a wonderful oncologist..

    Let's hear it for survivors!

    kwanette xoxo
    You're welcome. I'm hangin'. I'd rather be bitching about having to get up tomorrow and go to work, but you know what? I am okay.
    My goodness...I don't dislike you at all. Atlanta has absolutely no personality. I think that's one of the problems. I'm a native, and I understand why people who enjoy a truly urban, arts-oriented, lively environment wouldn't like it. Atlanta has never firgured out what to be. It's sports-centric, too, which is fine, but the arts are terribly ignored, which irks me. There is a much more "downtown" thing going on now...lots of lofts built and people (young techie types) moving downtown over the past decade....and the Virginia Highlands/Morningside/Midtown area actually might be your cup of tea. To be honest, I don't see Atlanta as conservative in any way. City politics are liberal, as is the AJC. STATE politics are conservative, but Atlanta is not. Just stay away from the state capitol. How could it be with a majority African American population? But I'd rather live in Britain, to be honest.
    To give you additional reason to dislike me, I just hate Atlanta. My best friend used to live there (has since moved to Denver to live in a more liberal community, I'm not kidding) and I visited her several times. On the plus side, her neighbors were really as friendly as advertised, on the negative there really isn't a downtown and the politics are :scream: for me. Wouldn't mind a condo at that price, though.
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