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  • Hi, I'm interested in the two tickets for the whole package. I'm a new member so I'm not sure if I'm responding correctly. I sent a message yesterday but haven't heard back from you so likely I didn't do it correctly. Please let me know if the tickets are still available and how much?
    Hi IceAlisa,

    I'm interested in your pairs and dance free skate tickets if you are willing to split up. I've already got the short programs. Let me know. Thanks!
    My comment was about opinion. I am not "stirring up trouble". Isn't debating opinions what this message board is about - at least one thing, it's not all about our favorite skaters and what we like. How boring.
    Thanks for the rep! Hope you are well. These teen vampire movies are such a bore! How can anyone take such an intriguing subject and turn it into a "who can look the most sullen?" contest????
    Yeah, I read that blog-it's brilliant. I've also made some comments about it. There's a few Plushy fans out there who are pretty stubborn, eh?
    I am stunned at his behavior. I always knew he was pretty full of himself....but some of his antics were really childish. I can imagine the retribution being put right now on Mishin and company for not doing their homework with COP. It's obvious that it wasn't just Plushy but his whole team that thought he'd walk away with it and rules be damned. They really didn't do their homework. And if they did, he was a fool to think hip swiveling and blowing kisses would garner any points under this system. I think it's sad that someone who is really a great athlete will be remembered for this episode of his life. I don't see him coming back to the west making up for it with good behavior on any stage large enough to heal his reputation.
    Ava Luxe Honey is almost like wearing pure, dark, honey with a hint of beeswax on your skin. No floral or musky distractions. I'm sooooooooo bummed that Ava Luxe is no longer making her beautiful creations...
    Dear Ice Alisa,
    Funny we meet again. the photo of Johnny in the Swan is my picture. I have several in the Sundance reality show Be Good Johnny Weir.
    Hey! Thanks for the rep. I am just so sick of everything that's going on I can't even comment. I mean-why bother? If MSNBC doesn't salivate over it, it can't be true, right? But anyway- have a great week.... :)
    Propofol is really amazing. Talk about gone in 60 seconds! It's actually just 20 seconds or less usually and they wake up fresh and no side effects. What kind of medical professional would allow to use it at home?! I doubt they are going to find someone who prescribed it for home use it if that's what killed MJ.
    Yep. I love when my intubated patients are riding the Propofol pony, but to think of some doctor giving it to someone to use at home is just chilling.
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