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    I'm such a fan and they have such a large body of work that my mind fills in what they would do if they could when I see videos like this, and it is mesmerizing and precious all at once. A lift there ... a deep low spiral there that is so perfect that a change of hand or grabbing a blade would seem like a sin ... a sin that could never seduce them :wuzrobbed:
    Thanks for the rep, Doris! Yes, I'm afraid that my handwriting is really scary sometimes! lol!! I hope you're day is an awesome one! :)
    I still can't believe that we live so close by to each other! Your post reminded me of that, haha :)
    I try to ignore, but these people are relentless and slightly delusional. Thanks for the rep!
    I've never made any secret of my admiration for A and S; as I think you realize!
    I'm so glad you saw their "R and J" live. I would love to have joined the chorus of "Boos"!
    I've tried to give you rep, but apparently must "spread it around". I wanted to say thanks for the informative, rational posts in the crazy ice dance threads!! :D
    Thanks for your kindness!

    As you and your family face the same challenges, my thoughts and prayers to you all! It's a very tough decision (heartbreaking) to make. I agree with you that the advances today are amazing. Best wishes!
    Hey Dorispulaski - I have only twice remembered to have a look at my User Control Panel and just saw that you kindly gave me rep for PJ Kwong cheer thread with comments about my bold vids. Thanks for the rep - another feature I don't even know how to use, and I'm glad to hear you enjoy the vids - makes the work worthwhile to know I am sharing something I enjoy so much with like-minded individuals
    Thank you Dear for the rep. I'll hope and pray we both stay cancer-free and healthy. I seriously don't know what a solution might be, but hey-you've got a friend in the same situation.
    :) Just clicked on your name randomly, to find out what the new board setup does. (But I picked a familiar username)
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