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  • Thanks for the rep! Unfortunately, saying what I think without hesitation gets me in trouble in real life :p
    Thank you so much! It's beautiful in Quebec City, and it's great to be back at a live competition. I mostly don't know the Juniors, and this a a great opportunity to see them en masse.
    I think it was you who talked about the Fever series in the book thread. It took me a while to get into the first one--there's A LOT of telling instead of showing--but once I finished it, I immediately got the second one. The second I finished that one, I d/led the third. Thanks for the rec! BTW, is it completely wrong that a small part of me kinda wants to go to Ireland and have just one hour with V'lane and another with Barrons?
    :lol: We do! I was in Cleveland until Aug of 08. Now I'm in Toledo. My husband is from Akron! Small world! Thanks for the message and who knows, maybe we'll see each other around in our travels.
    Диночка, я вчера не дождалась тебя.
    А сегодня наша Таня снова зарегилась в Гавани ))))))
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