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  • contined from before
    ( I'am not shure and am also not shure how long it is from the arena to the location of the party), do you know how long to drive (taxi) from the arena to the party?
    with regards Skoppa (aka Anna Adalsteinsdottir)
    Hi, I will try to remember butter. I know the Icelandic habit.
    The taxis are costly in Helsinki. About 25 e from the rink to the city. I would take the train, it is only 5 mins in both ends. Let's hope that Tessa and Scott practice early.
    It is so great to meet you! My name is Leena.
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    About 20 mins!
    Hi, I was wondering if I can't find butter (for the dried fish) if you could get it for me and I would pay you back (because it is better with butter).
    Also I was thinking about going to the dance practice, just to watch Tessa & Scott and either come to the get together at 18 and go and come back or just come after they have practiced.
    Finnice - I'm a Canadian wanting to attend Worlds in Helsinki but I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help me with. Do you know if the Hartwall Arena has handrails in the aisles? Is access to the seating area available from ice level or only from the concourse level? I have problems with stairs.
    Thank you so much for the Easter postcard! I'll show it to the twinnies this afternoon after school; we're going to sacrifice some bread to the duckies in the park! :) I appreciate you thinking of us!
    Thank you so much! It's been a lovely day so far: I was visiting my cousins and their children in DC, and this morning we went to the Air & Space Museum before I caught my train to NYC.
    Thank you for the rep! And you're so right! We can definitely forget them! LOL! Now we can sit back, relax and watch the Ladies! I hope you have a wonderful week, my friend! :)
    I was having a (rare!) generous moment & taking his own personal preference into account. But you are right he's already shown he cannot be trusted on that matter, so I should take control of the situation. Coaching changes will be next on the to-do list :p.
    Hehe, it just annoys me how some people repeatedly point out his (admittedly disastrous) fall at the Olys, and overlook the fact that 70-80% of the mistakes they had as a team over the years came from her....and that he was "lucky" to hook up with Volosozhar. Yeah he was; she was lucky too, obviously! :)
    Thank you for the rep. I just had to speak the truth as I saw it. Hope you have a great weekend! :)
    Hi Leena !
    You are not considering watching all the men SP, aren't you ? shame but it will end at no hour ! and work is waiting tomorrow. Have a good competition ! See you soon.
    Thank you so much for your kind, wonderful words and the rep. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and may God bless. :)
    thanks for the rep comment, I hope to see you in Zagreb and also to come back in Finland for an ISU event, I had a blast in 2009
    I may have some problems hanging banners. I just took a look at the Coliseum and how it is set up and there may be virtually little or no room to do so.
    With Stephane and Jamal gone, men's skating is two artists short :fragile:.

    Let the jumping contest begin. ((((((((Finnice))))))))
    Hi Leena!

    Sadly, things occured so I can't attend Nebelhorn. :fragile: I'm busy with family things that weekend, so it's not even clear if I can follow the happenings of the competition. :wuzrobbed But wheee, you are coming to Budapest! I hope you will have a great time, even if we can't meet. Please ask me anything if you need help (something to translate, etc.). I'd be honored! :D

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