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  • I thought you might find this funny. How different the languages are!
    Greetings also from my husband, who speaks a little Hungarian and found this somewhere.
    I hope your finger will be better soon!

    Egy finn és egy svéd azon vitatkozott, hogy melyikük anyanyelve hangzik szebben.

    Mivel nem tudták eldönteni a vitát, egy angol nyelvésztöl kértek segítséget.

    A nyelvész arra kérte öket, hogy fordítsák le saját nyelvükre Percy Bysshe Shelley következö verssorát:
    "Island, island, Grassy Island, Grassy island's Bride."
    ("Sziget, sziget, füves sziget, füves sziget menyasszonya")

    Elöször a finn fordította le:
    "Saari, saari, Heinäsaari, Heinäsaaren Morsian."
    A svéd fordítása így hangzott:
    "Ö, ö, Hö ö, Hö öns Mö."
    Hi, Igniculus. I was just wondering if you are going to Nebelhorn Trophy, or are you in Hungary next weekend. I don´t even know which part of Hungary you live, it just occured to me that I am coming to Budapest on a work trip next weekend. I am 20 years your senior, I see, but I like your sense of humour and your wast knowledge of FS. So jut if you happen to be in Budapest, we could meet - but actually I hope that you can go to Nebelhorn... I am angry to myself that I did not look the calender properly when I promised to visit Budapest just that weekend, when my mind only is in figure skating.
    All the best,
    Finnice aka Leena
    Actually, my husband speaks a bit Hungarian. When I hve been there (Budapest, Hajduzoboslo and Debrecen) I have picked some words. Our languages are related, but mostly you hear it in similar rythm in speaking, even though our words are totally different. Many of you Hungarians are very friendly when you heard that someone comes from Finland. Ireally appreciate that!
    We're stil pretty confused about what your issue is. (PMS?) Nobody "attacked" you--it was a pretty clearly a sarcastic comment and I already apologized for any unintended offense. Thus, stop acting childish, stop posting absurd comments on my visitor page, and MOVE ON.
    You're pretty thin skinned, huh? I'm sorry if you were insulted, though I assumed you were aware of my sarcasm/saltiness by now via ISWU.

    "having a horrible sense in fashion has nothing to do with the skater's ability to compete." Obviously, but whats your point? :confused: Are you confused?

    EDIT: Okay, I see now. I never alleged that you were insulting Yu-Na in the beginning. Try reading the posts before you berate people impulsively please. :saint:
    Tamas is szocializálódik, és egyébként is, már régóta meg szeretném mondani, hogy nagyon szépek a lapjaid, gratula érte :) Hol tanultad meg ilyen szépen a photoshopot meg a webdesign-t? :)
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