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    Costume changes during a program

    Thank you guys! I was asking for a friend, who lurks here but is not a FSUer. I knew FSU knows.
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    Costume changes during a program

    Because no one knows this better than the members of FSU, I will ask for your help. Remind me please who else than Laurine Lecavelier have used changing costumes during their programs? There has been quite a few during the last years, IIRC. Thank you beforehand!
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    The Medical Thread: Vaccine Search / Staying Healthy / Treatments Etc

    I will get my first shot (Moderna) tomorrow. Whee!!!
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    RIP Olympia Dukakis

    She was marvellous in Tales of the city.
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    Finnish skating news, 2018 onwards

    Beata Papp and Mikko Leppilampi are expecting their firstborn. As is Laura Lepistö
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    I wish I could hear it! I miss drunken karaoke nights among so many other things.
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    Tarasova/Morozov Cheer Thread

    All the best for them. So much talent not fulfilled yet.
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    I will gladly vote!
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    Potential for cancellation of Tokyo 2020

    The Finnish ones were reliesed, too. Quite ok.
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    2021 World Team Trophy Pairs SP & FS - No Time for Boikova, 'Cause We Are the Champions

    Mishina/Galliamov are just fenomenal. I love the Moskvina style. She radiates and he is not bad to look, either.
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    RIP Prince Philip

    I am not a fan of the institution, but I feel for the Queen and Prince Philip's other family. And he was just two months and day short for becoming 100 years old.
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    Skating Twitter is all focused on Fedor

    Poor Klimov. Happy 1st of April, I guess.
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    As the Page Turns (the Book Thread)

    Thank you! I was so interested is Ilias when I was a kid. This new view of it sounds worth reading. Re: Christie. I have written some essays on her work, and yes, the stereotyping of both race, nationality and class are horrible. Suddenly, when in "Murder in three acts" there is a Jew and...
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    Savchenko and Khodykin team up

    Have a fun April Fools' day everyone!
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    Good to see you back, @FarFarAway ! I am surely in if we will do the voting.
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