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    2020 Male PSOTY Grand Finale Poll

    The right man won. Daisuke! :cheer2:
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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    Trump really damaged USA. His actions are beyond belief.
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    2020 has been a difficult year, what good thing happened in 2020

    Two of my friends got a much-wanted baby. One became father at the age of 50, the other's partner's first insemination worked and they are two happy moms. I keep getting lots of baby pics from both of them. šŸ˜ I had actually a good work year.
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    Happy New Year

    6 hours to go here. Happy 2021 everyone! May the real roaring twenties begin!
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    Finnish skating news, 2018 onwards

    They have been an item quite long. A handsome couple, I would say.
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    2020 PSOTY Male Nomination Thread

    Watched some of his achievements and woke up sweetly. A vote cast for him.
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    RIP Diego Maradona

    He was fenomenal. RIP Diego Maradona.
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    #TeamTrainwreck 22: Every dark cloud has a pewter lining!

    Congratulations @pinky166 and great that you can still appreciate other hot males than your husband!
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    Igor Moskvin passed away

    He had a long and great life. RIP Igor Moskvin.
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    US Presidential Race Returns - PBP

    I have a bottle of Happy Joe cider here. We are going to sauna. I will toast with that. My old parents are so happy. As a non-American politics freak I am just tearing up.
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    US Presidential Race Returns - PBP

    Yes Yes Yes!!! Me too here. I am more excited about her than Biden.
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    Congratulations President-Elect Biden & Vice-President Elect Harris

    I will watch one of The Kween's WCh skates and listen the national anthem of USA.
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    US Presidential Race Returns - PBP

    I need to have a walk. I can not just sit here waiting. I agree with @Hedwig. You are great lifeline, my FSU friends!
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