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  • Many thanks for all of the reports and videos from Skate Detroit. I just got around to watching all of the Sr. Pairs videos, and enjoyed your contribution. Thanks for making the off season enjoyable. :D
    Seriously, if anyone has ever wondered what the phrase "throwing out the baby with the bath water" means, then read that post.
    So sorry about Amanda and Mark. I thought of you first thing when it was announced. Hope to see you in Indy August 3?
    Hi Heather,
    Any truth to the rumor that you are Mark's new partner? I will cheer for you two at Indy Challenge. I was hoping that Mark would wait until I got the hang of backwards crossovers but with the Olympics in two years I guess I can understand.
    Hey girl,
    Yes I will be in Indy. I have a room at the Holiday Inn Express. The Brickyard 500 is that Sunday so book one fast.
    I felt you had heard about S/B but didn't want to know something I didn't share. If indeed he dumped Emily for her size/fitness after she waited a year.......the evil postings will far surpass anything written about Denney/Coughlin. More on that when we sit in the stands
    Happy belated!! Glad to find another Jonathon fan!! hard to find as everyone seemed to love Jordan or Joey!! haha!
    Wheeeeee! Congrats to E/L and to you too! You must be over the moon!
    I just saw your message on my "rep" page about a roommate for the first weekend of Nationa.s

    I actually have a roommate. A friend of mine who lives in Seattle is going to come up and go with me.

    Thanks again so much for the E/L Indy SP vid!! The program is magnificent, and the music gives me chills! :) I agree--they were robbed on the SBS 3salchows...they were beautiful!!
    Hi Heather,

    It was really nice to meet you this weekend! I hope your trip home was safe.

    I'm wondering if you can give me some advice about FSU membership. I have signed up for only the free membership but cannot view the Indy thread in the Kiss and Cry with it and I would like to be able to see your photos etc. Which membership would make the most sense for what I want to do in your opinion and do you happen to know how long it takes to actually be activated once I sign up and pay?

    Thanks for any direction you can provide!

    LOL!! This is just like the Orioles board I visit all the time. I love the changes and I can't wait to play more when I get home from work! :biggrinbo
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