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  • Hi Julie! Thanks for your support. I was surprised as well to see who was assigned but I guess the split teams somehow had priority. There are always many withdrawals from the Grand Prix series, so hopefully we will still get something though I never wish it on anyone to get hurt but we will be ready for anything. It will be nice having you in the stand at Skate Canada, always nice to have a familiar person in the stands. Skate Canada is one of the best crowds to skate in front of, so I'm looking forward to it. We got some great feedback from everyone a Champs Camp. Though Monday I sprained my ankle and knee on a freak landing on a triple toe, so the short and we left out 2 elements and the long just left out the twist. Luckily, the inflammation is slowly going down so I should be back to normal this next week though got to be very careful with sprains. We do plan on doing an exhibition this weekend at Golden West.
    Thanks for your kind message Julie! Katie isn't too sure what she wants to do at the moment but I hope we do see you again some day!
    Haha! You found me out. Don't tell anyone just yet...we want to shock the world when we make our debut at Indy this year. ;)
    I am flying into Denver then to the Springs tomorrow (Tuesday). Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
    I'm arriving on the 20th in the afternoon and leaving the 30th. Where are you staying? I'm at the Hilton.

    I had planned to do the 8:30 on both Sundays as well. Maybe we can walk over together.

    See you later,
    Hi!! We are very very very happy we got assigned to Skate America. We are still planning on doing Indy. We want to get out and compete.
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