#TeamTrainwreck 24: For the weirdos and the dreamers!

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Alexa's throw fall has got to be a MESS candidate. If you've ever seen "Charade," it reminded me of the part where Walter Matthau falls through the trap door, initially lands on his feet, and then sort of springs backwards.


Is that a coup happening behind that blue curtain?
Thanks for pointing out. I am so damn busy lately and can't catch up with everything, but such calls and @alchemy void 's pogosplat-shoutouts in the women's pbp keeps the race running 💪
Sooooo many MESS nominees. In every discipline, even dance.


Men's highlights at Golden Spin:
  • Guys, you have to see Samoilov's FS if you didn't. There were voiceovers (or rather whole movie dialogs), gunshots, weirdest music cuts, some covers, splats, and skating for Poland
  • Vasilievs's ponytail holds. Not perfect yet, but there is a progress. He earned his 3rd consecutive 4rd spot this season..

The stream died during Cave-In's FS. He did okay-ish, but a little sad to see him 7th at a Challenger. But hey, sometimes medals are overrated.


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ok Canada's Target uniforms are starting to seem more appealing omg

I guess I'm too old to understand fashion anymore maybe?

eta: Is that thing around her neck the life preserver from under an airplane seat


The Chinese sports authority has published its selection process for the Olympic team.

There will be 5 internal competitions being held from December 16th, 2021 to January 22nd, 2022.
The Olympic slots for pairs and Ice dance are decided (S/H, P/J FOR PAIRS, W/L FOR ICE DANCE).
The 5 internal competitions will determine the remaining slots of single skatings.
Hongyi Chen, Shan Lin, and Yi Zhu in women's single skating, and Boyang Jin, Han Yan, Yudong Chen in men's single skating have to attend all of the 5 internal competitions to fight for the only slot in the Olympic team.
The most consistent skaters with the most points can secure their slots in the Olympic team.
Now this is the moment for all of us dreamers to combine our forces 🙏
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The Harem is now taking applications 😝
L&M winning!!! And zero deductions as they have been all season I think. I really think they could be name to the USA Olympic team. I do. And Alexa and Brandon are trending downward
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