#TeamTrainwreck 20: Large Caliber Weapon

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Let the skating begin
Le sigh. They were certainly worthy of the train. I will be missing their Cabaret at Worlds. Am glad I got to see them skate it live at Skate Canada this season. And I will miss their wild sense of humor and most of all Betina's drama on the ice. They knew how to have fun, and they knew how to tell a story on the ice--which is clearly a much more difficult skill than people often give athletes' credit for as very few of the Broadway RDs this season work nearly as well at doing so.
They always left you with a smile. You may have been puzzled, but you couldn't help smiling. I hope he carries that humor and fun into his coaching and we see teams in the future continuing their legacy.

Mad for Skating

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Good to see your humour is not gone.

Well tbh, to me she did not look much into it in all the outings we saw since S/N teamed up. I missed totally the fire in her. Novoselov looked as expected. I was/am a sucker for his movements. He did not disappoint me here; if they two fitted is a different topic, but needless to discuss now.
Not to speak of her olympic status. I would not be surprised if they already knew she wouldn't be allowed to go again.

I very much dislike when skaters of her caliber go out on such a low note (I know you disagree here ;) ) but I just keep her competitive highlights in mind. She was one of a kind!

Haha, I'm doing okay. I'm just proud that she gave it her all and seems to be very positive about whatever's in her future.
Truth be told, I didn't have a huge amount of hope for the S/N partnership; I think she knew it wasn't going to be the same, plus the possibility of going through the Olympic heartbreak twice would be too much for anyone.
But no matter what, she achieved what she wanted to achieve: Olympic medals. And if she's happy, I'm happy.

BTW love the avatar @Mad for Skating :)

Haha thanks! Had to show some love for my recently retired queen.

Happy 73rd birthday TAT! :TT1:

Love the IG shoutout by all the skaters!

In the words of the great TAT herself, davaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Byebye Betty/Sergey :(

Members Update Monday.

Oh no! These two always added their own unique, quirky touch to everything, I'm going to miss that.


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and well, pressman sometimes :p
For those who have forgotten:

Well folks, take this as your christmas present! 🎄
By membership update tomorrow, Popova/Mozgov are in!

And now pray we will ever see them again in competition...
Worried about the black mark of #TTW, eh? ;)
I just call them as I see them. You do the rest.

Next time, folks, think more carefully before asking Daddy for something for a Christmas present. :p


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Folks in this thread cursed them by insisting they be on the Team. It's the black mark of #TTW. They might still have been skating together at the 2026 Olympics in Milan, but noooo..... Everyone wanted a quick rush of epinephrine. 🤷‍♂️

There are some athletes for whom this is true. But I fear that Popova & Mozgov and Brezina are more the type which are trainwrecks regardless of whether one acknowledges their true standing on the team or not. At least we did not laze about ignoring P&M's true potential until it was too late.

Also we didn't put them on the train until they had already pulled out of Russian Nationals so I fear the black mark had already struck them, regardless of formal acknowledgment.


I'm working a bit on the MEEPOTS shortlist right now.
This will be quite some :watch: this season for the title. Snake, Bukin's licking, MTM2 SP and FS...

Edit: If you have any favourites to be considered let me know ;)


Ubering juniors against my will
I'm working a bit on the MEEPOTS shortlist right now.
This will be quite some :watch: this season for the title. Snake, Bukin's licking, MTM2 SP and FS...

Edit: If you have any favourites to be considered let me know ;)

I'd suggest Kostornaia and her vampire bite, but that's not exactly the ending pose. It's more like the pose before the pose.
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