#TeamTrainwreck 24: For the weirdos and the dreamers!

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As we approach the Hunger Games, it’s time for a new thread!

Title suggestions welcome!
Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen
Laugh through your tears
As ye skate, so shall ye weep
At least the music was nice
Not the moment for German scepticism
Medals are overrated
Please stop ignoring me and please check my dms
Much better than warmup
Much better in warmup
Keep the bizarre salchows coming!
Did she block me on Instagram, or is she incognito these days?
A bad haircut is easier to fix than a flutz
More body, less tongue
Even you are not THAT delusional!
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Unknown kid is playing tricks on us. Unless he had a major growth spurt recently, he is not taller than Samarin. :lol:

His face mask made me double-check, and yes, in fact he is studying at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Apparently, Sokolovskaya isn't the only coach who scolds him. :giggle:


What are the odds he can qualify to make the LP? 🙏
First I need to check, if it's the right bro. By our luck it's the other one and I just mixed things up :rofl:

But if it's him and he makes it, I save an extra-girlie-freak-scream just for you!
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