#TeamTrainwreck 16: We do hard, not crazy!

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Now what is this Kovtun situation?
Is the boy really injured or did they put him off as consolation prize for Mishin?
Such speculations are reasonable at this point, given RFSF's conduct lately, and some speculations taking place on Russian chats. But i personally don't think that's the reason. RFSF would not risk losing 3 spots and Kovtun is stronger than Lazukin, when both skate well. Also, if he had a minor injury, he'd probably try to skate anyway. So it maybe not something "minor"..


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So, is RSFS winning the federation placement on the train yet? I believe I nominated them sometime ago. Or, do we have to wait for the worlds results?


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It will be cruel and heartless, but if both Nikita and Zach out NikitaZach each other and both go down, I just might be :lol: a little. or :cheer2: a little if DivaChock kicks their lifeless bodies off the ice and gets herself a medal. You just know one of the two of them will put that foot down on a twizzle or do a butt plant on the ice.
One of which: Nikita, Zach, or Chock & Bates? Only one is optimistic really.

Samodurova and Lazukin go to Worlds and Liza stays at home - who would have predicted it back in September?
Um, . . . the person who put her on Team Trainwreck?

He is reigning Russian Champ and took silver at Universiade just a week ago - no way.
Russian Fed is a true :gallopin1 this season, but they are not that crazy.
Also, he has always been the Fed’s darling ;)
Yeah, if he'd mucked up at Universiade and finished below Lazukin there, we could speculate. Instead he defeated Samarin. The Russian men this season . . . (Hope Aliev is back to training. They are "running" short of replacements).

No. The situation is closer to the Ladies' Gold Medal at the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships than the one at the 2019 Baden-Württembergischen Meisterschaften. :judge:
"Shooting themselves in the foot" is how I've been putting it. So, yeah, not too far off.
Kovtun got on the verge of me being tolerable towards him for the first time ever this season, as his programs was better and he seemd committed. Then he bombed Euros and was back to his old self. I'm not talking about the jumps, but how he just gave up on the program. Blah. Same old. So I'm totally happy I won't get to see him in Japan. I guess I'm evil. Mu-ha-ha!


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Thanks to :sekret:, interview with Popova/Mozgov (x-tra for @shah and @Hanna )

It’s boring to skate alone. We generally do not understand how single skaters train.
But I was always told that I was a bad single skater. Too tall, awkward.
In my case, I was a terrible single skater. I didn’t like to fall, constantly cryed because of that.
I can do vogue and modern well, but the rest is not very good.
And by the way, Sergei is just perfect for the role of a drunken groom.
To portray a drunken groom is my credo in life, nothing new.
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Unfortunately, we have judges of the old school. So when someone experiment with their beloved classics, it does not bring anything good.
They hate us anyway. Me – for splitting up with my previous partner.


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Thanks to :sekret:, interview with Popova/Mozgov (x-tra for @shah and @Hanna )
Can't believe I forgot to mention this interview here :rofl:
As i see, only some parts were translated - they also called themselves losers (and it is the original headline) ; said that their favorite dancers are Zhiganshina/Gazsi, Pechalat/Bourzat and Denkova/Staviskii

- Have you thought about splitting/ changing partners?
Mozgov: Always think about it. But understand that I won't find a partner like her. We are both insane
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