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I've been really trying to find this lady, coz I knew Kostornaia's face looked familiar
I found her, finally ! Kostornaia is the Doppleganger of Canadian Actress Daniella Evangelista

This is Kostornaia if she was taller, the resemblance is uncanny.


A video of her from Rock band Nickleback's song - Someday :eek:



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Aliona Kostornaia OUT of Russian Nationals due to injury


How long do we have to wait for GP assignments?
Aliona Kostornaia OUT of Russian Nationals due to injury
And there end her Olympic chances. What a shame.


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OK, ever the optimist, but not necessarily. There is Russian Cup, Euros, even. Depends on severity of the injury and everyone else's health, too. Plus, there are Worlds, too.


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And this is the end of Kostornaia, most likely. :cry:
Not necessarily. She can come back next season and compete for years, like Leonova. Hard to say if she will make the world team ever, but stranger things have happened. Her chances of going to the Oly or worlds this year were not that great, but her future could still be bright.


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I won't hold my breath.

We don't see many Leonovas these days; and certainly none in the Tutberidze group.

Although maybe she could country-hop, like Gubanova (?).


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A Kostornaia fan account posted this photo (shared by Alena herself perhaps?):

It seems she may have communicated to this fan that she will "remain for another four-year cycle"?
I saw that as well and while I hope she continues at least for a bit, I’ve seen a lot of skaters say right after an injury or an Olympics that they will continue on but then eventually don’t.


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According to Match TV she has broken her wrist and is off the ice and practices for 20 days at least
OK - we are going to have to put these kids in bubble wrap. I am so disappointed...of course, it is all about me LOL.

Does anyone want to look for clues in her trajectory during the last 3 years?

I can't put it together, but it looks like she went

Sometimes a coaching change is just what is needed. But I am wondering if changing coaches might cause injury as it works on different ways to do things. That is good in the long run (maybe) but must be harder on the body in the short term. And, given the pressure on Russian ladies, I would imagine the pressure is very high.

As for Korstonia.....I think that she was the most melodic of the Eteri skaters. She didn't skate through the music, and her touches and details were added rather than subtracted.


Elena Zhgun
Marina Cherkasova
Back to Eteri.
Cherkasova was Kostornaia's first coach and Zhgun her second.

From a December 2017 interview that was translated on FSU:
Q: Alena, what brought you to figure skating?
A: My mom brought me (to the ice rink) when I was 4. She said you have to try so that they will teach you to fall and you don't break anything. I started skating at «Umka» with coach Marina Cherkasova. She got me on skates, taught me a lot, I took my first steps on the ice with her. After 3-4 years, my mom asked if I wanted to continue skating. I said: of course. I already liked figure skating by then, even though at first I didn't want to go to the rink at all. My mom would push me on to the ice and close the door. I very much didn't want to go. But then I got into skating, I started liking it.
We decided to move further and switched to another coach, Elena Zhgun at «Sambo-70». I skated with her for 5 years, and then after last season, in February, we decided to move to Eteri Tutberidze's group, because her girls show strong results. And I wanted to be on podium as well.


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She really has had a tragically bad-luck story. It would have been a shock if she hadn't won the cancelled Worlds in Montreal, that was her moment.

So now I'm hoping Trusova is back in great form by Russian Nats. Hoping against hope. I've been a Tuk fan forever but I would have to sacrifice her if there's no getting by Anna and Kamila this year.


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And this is the end of Kostornaia, most likely. :cry:
She will be back. if she's not one of the top 3 or 4 Russian ladies that's OK she will still be the most beautiful skater in the world. There will be a time where AK needs to evaluate things by the end of the season or before then. It's been a brutal 14 months for her starting off with coronavirus last year.

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Wishing her well. I’m sad but not surprised (not about the injury but that she’d be out of Nationals, in general). It just hasn’t been a great year-and-half for her.

Maybe we’ll see her again skating for another country in 2023? Azerbaijan comes to mind, as a competitor to Ryabova if/when the latter retires, although they’re about the same age (18 or so). Rozanov is on the National coaching team there, with Litvintsev…who knows?
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