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  • Thank you.
    I do feel bad about not being able to go, but it would have been much worse if it had happened in Turin. Trip that I would never be able to forget...
    Dobryi Vecher, Hindernisse.
    I just feel so sad for Voronov, and I am not the only Finnish fan feeling that. If you have some contact to him or people near him just tell him tat he has gained a lot of Finnish fans in those many Finlandia Trophys he has taken part plus EMs last year, and we all are sorry and angry that he was not sent to the Olympics.

    I just hope that he does not react the way many Finnish and Russian men do, when facing difficulties: vodka.

    I wish you enjoyable Olympics. My most favourite Russians this Olys are Mukhortova and Trankov, I just would cry from happiness if they would medal.

    Finnice (aka Leena)
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