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Jan 27, 2003
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And the band played on, from Celebrating the power of Pooh

    1. Coco
      Thanks for the polenta ideas. It's not cooked yet, I will definitely try the fries with parm.
    2. Simone411
      Thank you so much for the rep and the advice about getting pill holders. I feel it would definitely work for me, and I'm going to purchase one today for that matter. Hope your day goes well! :)
    3. taf2002
      Thanks Bitty but my stomach can't tolerate aspirin or any NSAIDs.
    4. skatesindreams
      So do I!
      I do believe that any imagined problems that Julia has will be answered with maturity/time.
      Most don't see her as a "favorite" in Sochi.
      Therefore, she may prove the "spoiler" for many dreams.

      I'm very impressed; and think that she does a wonderful interpretation of "Schindler's List.
      The program is perfect for her
    5. Ziggy
      Thanks! We're really nervous (neo-nazis are planning to disrupt it) but hopefully it'll be smooth sailing. :)
    6. my little pony
      my little pony
      raw liver is incredibly healthy for them, my friend runs a shelter and she really recommends it. but miles wouldnt eat it. i should be grateful i guess. but cooking doesnt improve it much.
    7. Moto Guzzi
      Moto Guzzi
      Thanks! Still working on losing more weight but at least I'm finally making progress.
    8. taf2002
      Thanks Bitty. I get scared again just thinking about it.
    9. kittyjake5
    10. skateboy
      Thanks for the rep and the encouragement!
    11. ioana
      Thank you for the rep -and anytime!
    12. Jem X
      Jem X
      Thanks BittyBug. So far, so good.
    13. shan
      Thanks for the hugs and the rep. :)
    14. Simone411
      Thank you! I appreciate that. I hope the rest of your week goes well! :)
    15. Holley Calmes
      Holley Calmes
      Thanks! Can't wait to finish it....I've only been working on it for...oh...about 6 months....

      Have a great weekend!
    16. Sparks
    17. pollyanna
      Thank you. :) I used to like their skating, but with how they acted after placing second in SLC, I can't go back and re-watch any of their programs without gagging.
    18. skateboy
      Thanks for the support. I'm almost entirely "smoke-free," should be in a couple of days!
    19. Kasey
      I'm sure it will be worth it. She's 15, but her labs are all good and she's in great health other than the teeth thing...so it is definitely worth it. I hope miss thang agrees!
    20. Ziggy
      After how :slinkaway those championships have been so far, Hanyu was exactly what we needed. It's always great to see somebody unexpected "skate out of the box".

      He's been my favourite for a while now. I'll never forget seeing him glide across the rink into a huge 3axel at JGP in Torun. :)
    21. TDsk8
      Thanks so much :-)
    22. Ziggy
      Awwww that is really sweet, thanks! :)

      And I need to remember to stay off the PC next time after a no pryde night out. ;P
    23. numbers123
      I agree about Gracie's posture.
    24. mon125
      Thank you so much for your kind words!!!
    25. purple skates
      purple skates
      :rofl::rofl: on the rep!
    26. Holley Calmes
      Holley Calmes
      Thanks Bitty!! Have a great day/night/evening/week/weekend......
    27. Nomad
      Thanks for the rep - as long as the hostility isn't directed at me (which has happened in past years) and I have my share of booze, I can detach. I try to feel sorry for them.
    28. Ziggy
      I am such an evil person on the internet. It's a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde thing, totally. :P
    29. taf2002
      Thanks for your sympathy...I wasn't close with him but he was a nice guy & way too young to die (63).
    30. DarrellH
      Thank you for the rep!!!
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