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I would love to see Peggy Fleming's reaction to the fact that an event named after her was won by someone skating to The Oral Cigarettes.

Somehow I think Tonya Harding would approve of the choice, although I doubt there will be a Tonya Harding Trophy for skating in the near future.


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I say this every season in hopes of putting it out into the universe but one of these days Tomoki is going to put it all together in a competition and win it all and I will love every minute of it.


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Well, that's certainly aerobic! :p


Club Competition Season is underway!
From April 6:
Article on Ryan Dunk, 2019 Junior champ, from his school's (Suffolk University) newspaper. He talks about his skating career, addresses eating and injury issues and announces his retirement from competitive skating ( :( but I'm excited for him and his next chapter): https://thesuffolkjournal.com/38022...olk-senior-reflects-on-figure-skating-career/
Fan Zone article on Ryan Dunk (July 19) who aims to defend his collegiate national title this Friday & Saturday in Richfield, Minnesota:
He already has a job lined up as a research assistant at Mass General Brigham and Women's Hospital, where he'll be working in an obesity, nutrition and weight loss program. He plans to work for a year or two and then apply for a PhD program in clinical psychology. His personal skating experiences have led him down this career path.
"When I first got onto Team USA and started going to U.S. Figure Skating training camps like ISP Camp and Champs Camp, they would set you up with a sports psychologist and that was the first time that I had spoken to somebody in a therapy setting," he said. "I thought it was so cool that you could train your mind in how you could practice to prepare yourself for competition. Also reframing things, changing your perspective, grounding yourself and being mindful. That's where my interest came from and I've definitely used those skills when I've competed."
Dunk is specifically interested in focusing on eating disorders, which he says unfortunately hits close to home.
He even decided to choreograph two entirely new routines for the occasion with his coach Suna Murray. Dunk recently landed his very first quad, the quad toe loop, but it's not competition-ready, so he left it out of these new programs. He has increased the levels to align with new judging rules this collegiate season, though.
"The short program is to 'The Feeling Begins,' which Michelle Kwan skated to," he said. "My long program is to 'The Blower's Daughter' by Chris Mann featuring Christina Aguilera, which I actually skated to in the 2019-20 season for my short program. I've lengthened it and made it a long program now. I've always loved that program and that was kind of a rough year for me as far as injuries, so it's fun to get to redo it. This will be the first time and probably the only [I compete with these routines]. I've always loved creating new choreography and interpreting music has always been my favorite activity. [It's] always been very therapeutic for me."
Fan Zone Q&A with Philip Baker (currently enrolled at Boston University; he placed 12th in Junior at 2022 Nationals) last month:
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